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ASICS search for ‘FrontRunners’ across Europe and Africa

ASICS - Frontrunners

This January, ASICS has unveiled its search for 350 individuals across 14 countries who are passionate about running and wish to join the run shoe brand’s digital ‘FrontRunner’ community.

Established in Germany in 2010, the ‘ASICS FrontRunner’ influencer programme was devised with the aim of creating a network of runners of all abilities who want to share, learn and try new experiences within running, through the support of ASICS.

ASICS FrontRunner countries include: Spain, Italy, Austria, UK, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Netherlands. Runners can apply to join ASICS FrontRunner by completing an online questionnaire.

The launch of FrontRunner has already proved popular with over 10,000 sign-ups within the first week of opening the online application process. Phase one of the process will close on 31 January. All members will become part of an online community, sharing their experiences, knowledge, training and friendships formed through ‘FrontRunner’ – to ‘inspire and encourage their own digital communities’.

As a FrontRunner, ASICS will provide members with the latest apparel and footwear collections, free bibs for selected races, access to top athletes, photoshoots, product testing, training and advice, community meetings and the exclusive opportunity to feature in ASICS brand campaigns.

ASICS - Frontrunners - Instagram

Björn Hamacher, Marketing Director ASICS EMEA said “The FrontRunner community is about bringing people together who share the same love and passion for running. We want to be at the forefront of creating an engaged community that can help them grow as people and runners. As a brand ASICS is perfectly positioned to lead the way in this space with years of experience in helping people run on the road, the trail and around the track.

“We aim to build a diverse network of runners across the globe, opening up borders, sharing experiences and telling their stories across social media.”

To be a member of the FrontRunner team, applicants just need to show a passion for running, a willingness to share their stories and a desire to be an active part of a community. ASICS adds that the strength of the current FrontRunner team can be accredited to its diverse members who include a mixture of marathon runners, triathletes, ultra-runners, beginners and those who just run for the love of it.

Each region will be lead by a team of ASICS experts who will bring together their experience to lead the community.




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