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Austria’s Airstreeem unveils Super TT Plus

Airstreeem Super TT Plus - rider

With the slogan ‘inspired by speed’, Austrian-based premium road bike and triathlon brand, Airstreeem, has launched its new Super TT Plus. The new TT/triathlon bike is billed as ‘an Eeevolution of our existing product with some really cool and unique features’. The Super TT Plus was unveiled last week at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai’i.

New features in the 2018 Super TT Plus include the SpeedCockpit, which is ‘removable in just a few minutes and is equipped with a new designed aerobottle that is less effected by crosswinds and offers aerodynamics and good control.’

Airstreeem added that it also developed a lot of elements that make the bike adjustable and easy to handle in more than one way.

Airstreeem Super TT Plus front view - at Kona
Airstreeem Super TT Plus side view - at Kona
Airstreeem Super TT Plus side view

Features include:

Aerofork with integrated power control brake

  • Developed to be used with Airstreeem’s Carbon Aero 85 mm front wheel to ‘guarantee perfect control paired with excellent aerodynamics’.
  • According to Airstreeem, the narrow spoke lacing of the Carbon Aero 85 mm wheels combined with the Super TT Plus Aerofork offers an ‘excellent aero advantage at wind streaming angles (Yaw angle) between 0 and 20°’.
  • The integrated CNC-Aerobrake is equipped with premium titanium springs and ‘combines simple usability and safe braking function’.

Aerodynamic integrated frame wheelset system

  • Airstreeem has analyzed and integrated its Carbon Aero wheels combined with its Super TT Plus frame construction. The company adds that ‘only a complete system counts’.

Integrated aerostoragebox

  • Offers space for tools and tube kits.
  • According to Airstreeem, the Aerostoragebox makes the Super TT Plus even faster because it ‘eliminates the streamlinebrakes at the seatpost area and improves the aerodynamic performance of the rear wheelsystem’.

Established in 2008 in Salzburg, Austria, by pro cyclist Stefan Probst, Airstreeem is a leading Austrian road racing and triathlon cycle brand. The brand aims to bring a unique high-tech no compromise approach to bicycle manufacture, heavily investing in product design and materials technologies such as smooth wall carbon, which can help to guarantee lasting performance.

Airstreeem products are hand assembled in Austria and distributed through a variety of channels in Germany, Austria, the UK and a number of international markets.




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