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Battling the elements: Elbaman 2018 back in business

Elbaman triathlon in Italy 2015

The 2018 edition of Elbaman on the western coast of Italy, claimed to be ‘one of the most spectacular triathlon races in the world’, will be held next year on 30 September in Marina di Campo. The organizing team decided to get the event back into play as soon as possible after disastrous weather conditions this summer, which forced the race to be called off when the venue was hit by an unexpected intense cloudburst.

“It cannot end like this,” said Elbaman Triathlon President Marco Scotti, “I owe it to all the participants and I am indebted to my staff, who have been following me for years and make our event an unforgettable experience for everyone who participated. Finding a compromise between the quality we want for the race and a discount rate is not easy. We must admit that what happened is an open wound, but starting over is a bet that we believe we can win together.

“We are very happy that our sponsors have decided to continue to support us. Tyr and Enervit have already confirmed their participation. ”


Elbaman 2017 impacted by flooding
Elbaman 2017 impacted by flooding

Elbaman 2017 flooding 2
Elbaman 2017 flooding


From 15-25 November, registration for next year will be open for all participating athletes of the 2017 edition (those present at the race start), who will not only enjoy a discounted rate but also the possibility to change the type of race (with options including Relay, Elbaman73 or Elbaman).

From 29 November, there will be the official opening of registration for all other athletes via tiered pricing tariffs.

For those seeking any information or with problems during the pre-registration and registration phases, should contact iscrizioni[at]nextrace.net.




  1. thank you Gary, you are always very kind and professional in promoting our race.
    look forward one day to welcome you on the island, I’m sure you’ll be fascinated.


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