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BRAVEN debuts FLYE SPORT wireless in-ear headphones

BRAVEN headphones

BRAVEN has introduced a new category of active, performance-oriented audio with the BRAVEN FLYE SPORT line of in-ear headphones debuting at the 2017 International CES in Las Vegas. Complementing BRAVEN’s ActiveSeries, the sporty line features four advanced Bluetooth earbuds including the FLYE SPORT and FLYE SPORT REFLECT and the Bluetooth Smart enabled FLYE SPORT POWER and FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds.

“We’ve always envisioned this category being on the horizon for the brand,” said Andy Fathollahi, BRAVEN CEO. “The concept for the Active Series was established on the premise of creating genuinely portable audio that would allow your music to truly go the distance with you, and we’ve made that vision a reality with our new FLYE SPORT line of powerful, in-ear audio.”

Offering seven hours of continuous playtime and an IPX5 waterproof rating, the lightweight FLYE SPORT earbuds are designed with a discreet battery pack. The FLYE SPORT earbuds offer low-profile comfort ear tips that fit snuggly in the ear and ‘remain in place during any activity for a comfortable, continuous listening experience’.

FLYE SPORT earbuds will be available in Silver/ Electric and Slate/Crimson colourways for US$49.99 in Q1 2017.

Positioned as being optimal for roadside runs or cycling, the IPX5 waterproof rated FLYE SPORT REFLECT earbuds are designed with a reflective lining for added visual safety during evening or early morning activities. The FLYE SPORT REFLECT earbuds have an included 900mAh battery bank to extend their five-hour playtime to 25 hours while on-the-go.

With optimal comfort in mind, the FLYE SPORT REFLECT earbuds include several options to deliver custom fit. The ‘Fit Kit’ offers a range of different sized in-ear options, as well as removable over-ear and inner-ear hooks. The FLYE SPORT REFLECT earbuds will be available in Silver/Electric and Slate/Crimson colourways for US$99.99 in Q2 2017.

The IPX7 waterproof rated FLYE SPORT POWER earbuds feature 10-hour playtime with the option of adding a sport charging neck cradle to extend wireless playtime to 20+ hours during activities.

The FLYE SPORT POWER earbuds include sport ear hooks with app-controlled hi-glow laser lights to enhance visibility while in the dark and include BRAVEN’s latest Audio Ambient Awareness sound integration technology to improve safety and responsiveness. Through Audio Ambient Awareness, users have the option to hear surrounding noise from the environment without disrupting their music during activity.

FLYE SPORT POWER and the FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds are currently the two models in the BRAVEN FLYE series that are Bluetooth Smart enabled and can be controlled via the BRAVEN SPORT ACTIVE App. With Bluetooth Smart integration and app compatibility, users can further enhance the listening experience with the ability to adjust EQ settings, Bass Boost and virtual listening environments.

Through the app, users can control the FLYE SPORT POWER earbuds’ LED light flash frequency and have the ability to set Audio Ambient Awareness levels to allow outside audio to pass through when needed.

The FLYE SPORT POWER earbuds will be available in Silver/Electric and Slate/Crimson for US$149.99 in Q2 of 2017.

FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds are Bluetooth Smart enabled, include built-in Audio Ambient Awareness technology, and feature BRAVEN’s proprietary TrueWireless sound.

Billed as a truly wireless in-ear audio solution, the smart FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds offer users a customizable audio experience, with the option of manual control through on-ear controls or remotely, through the BRAVEN SPORT ACTIVE App.

FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds are IPX7 waterproof rated and include hi-glow laser lights ear hooks to optimize external visibility. With over four hours of playtime, the FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds include a 1400mAh charging case to add 20 more hours of playtime while doubling as a compact travel case. The FLYE SPORT GLO earbuds will be available in Silver/Electric and Slate/Crimson colourways for US$249.99 in Q2 of 2017.

BRAVEN’s FLYE SPORT in-ear headphone offering and entire Active Series will be on display at the 2017 International CES, LVCC, North Hall, Booth #8612.




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