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Building up for 30th La Fausto Coppi Le Alpi del Mare

La Fausto Coppi Le Alpi del Mare 2016 race start

The international La Fausto Coppi Le Alpi del Mare, which takes place on 9 July 2017 in Cuneo, Italy, has recorded 1,000 registrations from multiple countries, and a fast rate of sign-ups compared with previous years. The bike event is part of the new Trofeo Granfondo delle Alpi (Gran Fondo of the Alps trophy), and on its own, is viewed as ‘one of the most fascinating and hardest European cycling marathons’.

Every year more than 3000 cyclists from the five continents meet on Piazza Galimberti in the heart of Cuneo where the race starts and ends. To this date more than 20 different nations have registered for the event.

There are two routes: a Mediofondo of 111km (Cuneo > Colle Fauniera 2884 m > Madonna del Colletto 1304 m > Cuneo, 2550 m total ascent) and the Gran Fondo of 177km (Cuneo > Colle di Valmala 1380 m > La Piatta 1136 m > Colle Fauniera 2484 m > Madonna del Colletto 1304 m > Cuneo, 4125 m total ascent).

The race organizers are working on several fronts: on the one hand the checking and, wherever necessary, securing the route; and on the other preparations continue to build for the festivities for the event’s 30th anniversary; and finally, the creation of the medal. According to tradition, the latter will be revealed at the end of the Giro d’Italia in the beginning of June.

Only a few days are left where riders can register for €45. On 10 April 2017, the registration fee for La Fausto Coppi Le Alpi del Mare will rise to €50.




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