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Challenge Denmark confirms Garmin title sponsorship

Garmin sponsored ETU Challenge Herning 2017 event logo

Garmin Challenge Herning will from now on be the correct way to reference the international triathlon race taking place in Denmark – after the Danish arm of the Challenge Family series this week confirmed a title sponsorship deal with Garmin. This latest sponsorship deal for Garmin Challenge Herning, taking place on 10 June 2017, comes as a major boost for the organising team; and it follows on from last year’s confirmation that the event destination would be the venue for the 2017 ETU European Half Distance Triathlon Championships.

Part of the big collaboration is also a title sponsorship over the Olympic distance, held in the ‘capital of Danish triathlon’ – Fredericia. This race, which takes place on 3 September, introduces a bike course that crosses the Old Little Belt Bridge, and will now carry the name Garmin Challenge Fredericia.

Erik Mønster, CEO at Challenge Denmark, which is the organization behind the two races, said “Garmin is one of the big players in the sports industry, and the fact that we’ve settled not just a collaboration with them but also a title sponsorship is nothing less than fantastic. We know that they’re professional and have a great reputation in the industry, so we didn’t have any doubts about adding their brand to the names of both our races – including giving them a voice that naturally comes with a title sponsorship.”

The Danish and international athletes racing, at either Challenge Herning or Challenge Fredericia, are also expected to gain from this new collaboration. Out on the courses of both events, Garmin will set up Power Zones where participating athletes will be met by Garmin’s activity team. This will “ensure a huge party for both athletes and spectators,” explained Race Director at Challenge Denmark, Claus Vesterby.

He continued, “Garmin is more than a title sponsor to us. They’re a strong partner that makes a tremendous difference to both us and our athletes since they know the market and have expert knowledge about how triathletes think and know what motivates them.

“Garmin looks forward to becoming an integrated part of the Danish triathlon adventure, and they can’t wait to get closer to the sport where lots of their customers spend their time.”

“There’s always something very valuable in becoming a part of the sport in a way where you’re a part of all the action,” added Stefan Hemmingsen, Marketing Manager at Garmin Denmark. “It is of high priority to us to know the users of our products; and a strong collaboration with Challenge Denmark gives us exactly this opportunity at a time when we’re launching our newest multisport product – the Garmin 935.”

Hemmingsen added, “The fact that Challenge Herning this year will be the official ETU European Championship also played a part in the decision. A European Championship is always something special. Both to athletes, spectators and sponsors. Everything just gets an extra notch and the setting will, without a doubt, be bigger and more professional than usual.

“That is of course of great value to us – even though we’re also looking forward to the coming years where it will ‘just’ be Challenge Herning; or Garmin Challenge Herning,” Hemmingsen added.

Challenge Herning is hosted in cooperation with Sport Event Denmark, Herning Municipality and the Danish Triathlon Association.



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