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Challenge Riccione to replace Challenge Rimini in Italy

Challenge Riccione banner

Challenge Family has announced a brand new race in its global series – as Challenge Riccione, a race held in one of the most historic cities in Italy, will replace Challenge Rimini. The latest race confirmation from Challenge Family follows hot-on-the-heels of the organisation confirming a re-entry into the US market in 2018, with Challenge Daytona.

Taking place on 6 May 2018, Challenge Riccione will aim to maintain most of the original characteristics associated with Challenge Rimini, with ‘triathletes set to experience swimming in the calm waters of the Adriatic Sea, a cycling route leading from the sea to the green hills, and returning to the sea for a fast race path along the seafront to the finish.’

“After 5 years of Challenge Rimini, we decided to change the location to give athletes and spectators a new race experience,” said Challenge Riccione Race Director, Alessandro Allesandri. “We are very excited about debuting the new Challenge Riccione course to the Challenge Family.”

“The goal of Challenge Riccione is to offer an event that will showcase many of the historic features that our city can offer,” continued Allesandri. “This includes the opportunity to sample the culinary specialities of the Emilia Romagna region and experience the world famous hospitality from the hotels around the venue. We also look to offer all athletes and spectators a long weekend of relaxation before and after the race in the spa location of the Riccione Terme.”

Zibi Szlufcik, CEO of Challenge Family said “The beautiful city of Riccione and picturesque region of Emilia Romagna are absolutely ideal to welcome athletes from all over the world. The stunning beaches of Riccione, the warm weather and a spectacular bike course are key elements of the new Challenge Riccione, providing a brilliant early season race, which we are all at Challenge Family looking forward to.”

With the debut event just around the corner, the organising team add that Challenge Riccione will hope to establish itself as the perfect way to open the triathlon season… ‘Triathletes can expect to enjoy the culturally rich Italian environment, the relaxing lifestyle and of course the warm and hospitable organisation from Challenge Family.’




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