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‘Chasing Cancellara’ new closed road event for amateur cyclists

Chasing Cancellara

‘Chasing Cancellara’ is the latest newly launched project of former pro cyclist Fabian Cancellara, in cooperation with Human Sports Management AG. In the new event, the Swiss cycling legend will compete three times on completely closed roads against amateur athletes. (It follows Cancellara’s recent collaboration with the TriStar team in Switzerland.)

Running in June and September, ‘Chasing Cancellara’ will be a closed road event for 333 amateur cyclists, with three stages of 10K to 15K and steep hills thrown into the mix. The concept of ‘Chasing Cancellara’ is coupled with the tagline ‘All against one’, where the 333 participants will try to cross the finish line before Fabian Cancellara. Those who make it will receive a certificate that entitles them to call themselves ‘Fabian-Cancellara-Beater’.

The organising team add that, after the race, everybody, including Fabian Cancellara, will gather to have a chat about the race experience and recover at the Pasta Party.

The 2017 Chasing Cancellara event involves three stages in three language regions. With racing in Anderamtt, Villars-sur-Ollon and Lugano, the three main languages of Switzerland (German, French and Italian) will be covered. The stages take place on 24-25 June, 9-10 September and 22-23 September 2017.

In Andermatt, the riders must climb up the Oberalppass. Here, before the race starts, there is a neutralized start through the village. In Aigle the start is at the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) headquarters. Here, the neutralized area is until Ollon and after that the race starts. The final stage then takes place in Lugano. The top 10 in the races qualify automatically for the final event.

“Chasing Cancellara should be seen as a platform for amateur athletes, friends, fans and could be the perfect corporate event to bring people together, who want to meet me and challenge me,” said Fabian Cancellara. “Fun is also a very important factor. I am looking forward to hard races against amateur riders.”

Cancellara is organizing the series together with Human Sports Management, which is his official marketer. In 2018, more regions and locations are expected to be included in the series.




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