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Churn and Burn: The Sufferfest releases four new workout videos

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The Sufferfest has announced the release of four new workout videos: Butter, Standing Starts, Open: 15 and Open: 45. Adding to its library of 45 structured interval workouts designed by elite coaches, these sessions feature exclusive footage from Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Paris-Roubaix, the Criterium du Dauphine and the Velon Hammer Series.

Butter is a 59-minute workout created by coaches Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin of APEX Coaching in Boulder, Colorado. Designed to help endurance athletes develop Maximal Aerobic Power and Threshold Power, Butter is built around two sets of five, 90-second moderate-intensity ‘churns’, each followed by a three-minute recovery.

“One of the most effective ways to build aerobic power is through workouts that deplete your anaerobic fuel tank first,” said Cassin. “The five intervals in each set are designed to be done right below an athlete’s Maximal Aerobic Power. The incomplete recovery between those efforts serves to deplete the body’s Anaerobic Capacity, forcing an athlete to become more efficient at producing power aerobically.

“Aerobic power is what the body primarily relies on during long, sustained efforts. Butter is perfect for athletes who want to improve their performance in time trials, triathlons, or longer endurance events.”

Butter features exclusive footage from the 2017 editions of Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Paris-Roubaix, two of the most iconic Spring Classic races on the UCI WorldTour calendar.



Standing Starts is a 45-minute strength-building drill included in many of The Sufferfest training plans that are available free with a subscription to The Sufferfest Training System. Designed to build explosive power and promote full muscular engagement during short, maximal efforts, Standing Starts requires athletes to complete four all-out sprints, starting from low RPMs and high resistance building to maximum cadence and power output over 20 seconds.

“Standing Starts is as close as you can get to a weightlifting session on the bike,” said Mac Cassin. “It requires you to engage not just the musculature in your lower body, but your core and upper body as well. It’s great for building raw power, but this drill is for more than just sprinters. Learning how to recruit all the muscle fibres in your legs will make you more efficient at producing power across the board. Everyone can benefit from incorporating Standing Starts into their training.”



In addition to Butter and Standing Starts, The Sufferfest also released two unstructured videos: Open:15 and Open:45. Featuring immersive, on-bike camera footage from the Velon Hammer Series, these 15 minute and 45 minute sessions lack the soundtracks and storylines typical of The Sufferfest, allowing athletes to use them as a recovery ride or to extend existing workouts.

“We’re going to keep bringing more and more value to our subscribers,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “In October we launched our ground-breaking Four-Dimensional Power platform, and in the last few weeks alone we released 17 new videos, including 10 new yoga sessions and 7 new cycling workouts. We are committed to providing value for our customers by continuing to create new, innovative content that gets results.”




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