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Claudio Fantin becomes CEO of ASG Sports Management

ASG Italy

Claudio Fantin, a well-known figure within the cycling industry, is taking up the position of CEO at ASG Sports Management while also serving as marketing strategist for ASG Group. He has been a partner and General Manager at Scicon Bags for over 15 years.

ASG Group was originally founded in 1999 by Heinrich Dannhauser in South Africa as a diverse organisation involved in software development, management consulting, property development and other activities. In 2006, Dannhauser decided to expand into the sports distribution industry. He did this with the establishment of ASG Sport Solutions and securing the exclusive agency for Rudy Project, Pinarello and Sidi in southern Africa.

ASG Sport Solutions grew to include some of the biggest brands in cycling as well as a network that stretched across southern Africa, making it ‘the biggest organisation within the southern African cycling industry’.

In 2011 ASG International was established as a strategic partnership between ASG Sport Solutions South Africa and Italian bike bag company Scicon.

Previously the Export Sales Manager for Rudy Project SRL for more than 20 years, Claudio Fantin will co-ordinate the teams at ASG’s headquarters in Italy, South Africa, USA, and Monaco, leading the global direction of the group alongside Heinrich Dannhauser and Massimo Fantin.

The recent restructuring of the ASG Group, initially founded by Heinrich Dannhauser, has consolidated its position as a wholesale leader in South Africa with brands such as Pinarello, Sidi, High5 and Rudy Project. These are supported by the growth of in-house brands, Scicon and Ftech, as well as the acquisition of Ellsworth Bikes, a cult Californian MTB brand, which also led to the founding of ASG North America.

“It’s difficult to explain in only a few words what ASG can really offer to a cyclist,” said Heinrich Dannhauser. “Our business is fully integrated. We produce incredible products of our own (ASG house brands), while we are also wholesalers of some of the best brands in the world in a variety of different markets. Our various divisions offer a wide range of services: bike science, travel, events, sports management, custom concepts.

“We constantly strive and work hard to protect our core business DNA: never stop having fun, never stop innovating, never stop breaking the rules.”

“Working with Heinrich and Massimo is super motivational – we are working on some very ambitious projects,” added Claudio Fantin. “From the Italian headquarters we will direct the various marketing operations thanks to an international team of young talent, consisting of graphic designers, product managers, webmasters, video makers, photographers, social media experts, copywriters, etc. It’s a real digital factory.”

He continued, “If a company does not stay ahead of the time it operates in, it becomes stagnant and dies – this does not have to happen at ASG. We want to spend a lot of time with our clients on bicycles – our real office – because this is the natural habitat where you can develop and share ideas, test products and plan the future with them. In the Italian headquarters of ASG, in Mussolente, alongside the offices, there are demo bikes available, cycling clothing & accessories, a VIP lounge, showers, bike fitting services, a physiotherapy services, a sport stadium, and restaurant. This is all designed to welcome our guests in the best way possible.”




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