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Clear the air: AllTrails offers up real-time air quality data for trail users

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Alltrails, the online guide to the outdoors, has announced a new partnership with leading air quality analytics provider, BreezoMeter, to offer its community of outdoor enthusiasts access to ‘real-time, hyperlocal air quality data’. The new partnership will make it possible for Alltrails’ Pro users to choose the best routes for their hikes, runs and bike rides by taking air quality into consideration.

Alltrails has been offering hand-curated trail maps, reviews and photos to the outdoor community since 2010. The company focuses on providing the tools and information people need to hit the trail with confidence, record their adventures, and share their stories with family and friends.

The new partnership will allow for an easy to understand colour-coded air pollution map to seamlessly layer over the trail maps already core to the Alltrails platform… “offering a really cool new real-time dimension to our trail data,” said Ron Schneidermann, CMO at Alltrails. “With air pollution becoming an increased health concern, this data is integral to informing our users of local air quality conditions and keeping outdoor enthusiasts healthy while out on the trails.”

AllTrails - Breezometer map

Air quality is dynamic, changing throughout the day, and can be affected by traffic, weather, wind, fires, sand and dust storms and many other natural events. BreezoMeter’s algorithms take all of these into account to help users visualize which trails at any given time will be preferable. BreezoMeter provides data on 17 different pollutants and 3 different types of pollen as part of its analysis; so Alltrails can provide users the ability to ‘see the invisible while making the smartest decisions for their health’.

“We’re very excited to work with a leading outdoor recreation company like AllTrails,” said Daniel Elkabetz, Head of Business Development at BreezoMeter. “It’s a great fit for us to help put actionable data in front of people who need it to make better decisions for their health. Hikers, runners, and bikers of all skill levels need good air quality to ensure top performance, and with Alltrails’ Pro version, they can now see which trails are the best for them at any given time.”




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