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Close to the bone: BRU Broth selects SMACK! Media for marketing and PR

BRU Broth products

BRU Broth (BRU), billed as the market’s first 100% organic farm-to-bottle cold-pressed bone broth beverage, has partnered with SMACK! Media to support marketing and public relations initiatives for its line of flavoured bone broths. While the bone broth trend has reportedly been making a comeback, endurance athletes have been drinking it for decades, as it has been a staple beverage at aid stations of marathons, triathlons, cycling events and other endurance events.

Bone broth is loaded with muscle boosting minerals, amino acids, collagen and anti-inflammatory compounds that can support muscle repair and strengthen the immune system, among other benefits.

Founded in 2014, BRU brings a novel twist to the bone broth category through the addition of apple cider vinegar and cold-pressed vegetables and roots such as greens, ginger, turmeric, carrots and beets. BRU sources organic pastured chicken, grass-fed beef, and fresh vegetables and roots to create an array of flavours. ‘These ingredients highlight the umami notes of long-simmered bone broth while delivering a fresh, savoury way to cleanse, recover and nourish the body.’

“Although there are other bone broth products out there, BRU is unique because it is the first 100% USDA organic, ready-to-heat-and-sip bone broth beverage on the market,” said BRU Co-Founder Soo-Ah Landa. Landa grew up drinking her mother’s and grandmother’s bone broths, and developed BRU broth after realizing that ‘nutrient rich bone broth should not only be easier to access but should be delicious enough to drink every single day’.

Landa added, “Once you start drinking bone broth, it becomes as ritualistic as drinking coffee or tea every day. The difference is, with bone broth you are drinking an amazing powerhouse liquid of protein, collagen and essential amino acids.”

“We have shared BRU at many races and CrossFit events and have had athletes tell us how the broth promotes a faster recovery, while supporting their immunity and energy levels,” added BRU Co-Founder, Mary Butler. “We partnered with SMACK! Media because as a team of athletes and nutritionists, they understand the correlation between nutrition and performance, and know how to communicate this to the sports, fitness and wellness audiences.”

BRU currently offers five flavours: Cayenne Zen, Hot Greens, Hug in Mug, Turmeric Ginger and Beet Blush, and will be reintroducing Broffee this autumn/fall. Each serving is packed with digestible gelatin (a gut mending protein), collagen and amino acids and minerals such as glucosamine, proline, glycine and arginine. All flavours are non-GMO and gluten-free, come in two-serving, 16 ounce bottles, and can be sipped warm or cold.

BRU is currently sold at retailers throughout the Bay Area and Southern California including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mollies Stone’s, United Market, Good Earth Market, Woodlands Markets, Lazy Acres, Bristol Farms, Pavilions and others. Each 16 oz bottle of BRU retails for US$6.99-8.99. BRU can also be shipped in wellness packs of six, nine or twelve bottles nationwide across the US via brubroth.com.

BRU adds that its mission is to ‘introduce health and wellness consumers everywhere to authentic bone broth that is convenient, accessible and delicious.’ The company plans to roll out to East Coast grocery stores in 2018.




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