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Continuing to strike a pose: The Sufferfest expands yoga offering

The Sufferfest - Yoga for Cyclists

The Sufferfest has released 10 new ‘Yoga for Cyclists’ videos as part of The Sufferfest Training System for iOS, macOS and Windows. Developed in partnership with Abi Carver of Yoga 15, these new sessions are designed to ‘build full-body strength, improve flexibility, aid recovery and help endurance athletes unlock their potential on the bike.’

“The Sufferfest Training System is more than just killer cycling workouts,” said David McQuillen, CEO of the Sufferfest. “It’s a comprehensive training solution that addresses all of the needs of time-crunched athletes: bike, body and mind. Thousands of subscribers to The Sufferfest app have seen real benefits from our collection of short, practical yoga sessions. By further expanding our library we’re able to give people even more options to become not just better cyclists, but better, more complete athletes.”

The addition of 10 new videos to The Sufferfest Yoga for Cyclists programme brings the total offering to 30 yoga and breathing sessions divided into six categories – Recovery, Core Strength, Flexibility, Posture/Balance/Agility, Breathing & Guided Meditation and Yoga while Traveling. The new sessions are tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners, allowing athletes of all levels to incorporate yoga into their training.

The Sufferfest Yoga for Cyclists programme was developed in partnership with Abi Carver, world-renowned yoga instructor and founder of Yoga 15. “We wanted a yoga partner who was both performance-oriented and who understood the specific needs of endurance athletes,” added David McQuillen.

He continued, “Abi Carver was the ideal choice. She built a global reputation through her effective, no-nonsense yoga sessions designed with the unique needs of cyclists and action sports athletes in mind. At fifteen minutes or less, her routines can fit into even the busiest schedules. This resonates perfectly with The Sufferfest philosophy of maximum return on minimum time.”

“Cycling is a challenging sport that involves spending long periods of time in a relatively fixed position,” said Abi Carver. “The addition of ten new, easy-to-follow routines will help cyclists of all skill levels see improvements in their flexibility, balance and power.”




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