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Craig Alexander lends his voice to Garmin Challenge Herning

Garmin sponsored ETU Challenge Herning 2017 event logo

One of the great heroes of triathlon – Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander – will be at this year’s Garmin Challenge Herning in Denmark, the venue for the 2017 ETU European Half Distance Triathlon Championships.

Although the 43-year-old Australian triathlon star has been an active part of the sport since he participated in his first race in 1994, he is in no way done with the sport. He is still on the starting list for some of the big events around the world and still sets world class times.

When he is in Herning on 10 June, however, it is not as a participant in the competition of this year’s official ETU European Championship. Instead, Crowie will ‘guide thousands of spectators through the race with his vast knowledge of what goes on in both the head and legs of the many professional and age group athletes.’

“I’ve heard a lot about this event – there’s a lot of talk about it – and I’m looking forward to coming and to be a part of it,” said Crowie from his training camp in Colombia. “I look forward to commenting on the race, hanging out with the many athletes and generally just be part of it all.”

“We are working hard for the race to be memorable for athletes and spectators – whether they are on the course or following our live streaming,” said Race Director Claus Vesterby. “By having a capacity like Crowie as a commentator, we give the spectators an experience beyond the usual.

“An athlete like Crowie, who has been a major part of the sport for so many years, can give the spectators an insight into everything that takes place during such a race – not just what you can see with the naked eye, but especially the game and the tactics that are constantly present at an international event like this.”

The 5x IRONMAN World Champion is well known across the triathlon community not only known for his great talent but also his smile and welcoming personality. “In the industry, he is known as the triathlon sport’s Messi,” laughed Claus Vesterby. “In addition, he is a very nice guy who always gives 100%, which is just an added bonus. And of course, [it’s] one of the reasons we have fought hard to get him to Herning.

“A big and prestigious event such as the official European Championship must, of course, not only have world stars on the route but also in the commentator box.”

Crowie is joined by Frank Jakobsen who last year commented on the race, which then, was in Herning and Billund. At this year’s Garmin Challenge Herning, athletes will swim 1.9 km, bike 90 km and run 21.1km during the race. The European Championships hosted by Challenge Herning will be organized by RaceMakers in collaboration with the European Triathlon Union (ETU), the Danish Triathlon Federation, Sport Event Denmark, and the Municipality of Herning.




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