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Debut of MotivRunning.com running events and media platform

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Combining some of the top running events in the US with a new running & fitness focused digital media platform, Motiv Running aims to provide runners of all levels with ‘connection, information and inspiration to be fit and live a healthy, active lifestyle’. With this week’s launch of MotivRunning.com, Motiv feels that it is taking its first step towards that goal.

A key innovative element for Motiv Running will be the digital platform at MotivRunning.com. The new site will serve as a daily resource for running enthusiasts by providing them original content through ‘long-form running culture, reliable service articles and compelling videos that will bring to life the voices and stories of the sport’. The editorial will be led by running media industry veteran Brian Metzler, who will serve as the site’s Content Director.

“We’re creating a leading-edge digital platform that will serve runners of all ages and abilities, both on a national and local basis,” Metzler said. “Our goal is to provide reliable training, gear and injury-prevention content, as well as innovative content that entertains and inspires novice, intermediate and advanced runners.”

Among the notable journalists joining Metzler in contributing to the editorial mix at MotivRunning.com are Mario Fraioli, Matt Hart, Lisa Jhung, Adam Chase, Susan Lacke, Allison Pattillo and Matt Fitzgerald. Supporting this team are ‘legendary athletes and personalities from the sport’ who will contribute as guest authors and columnists, including Kara Goucher, Nick Symmonds, Alexi Pappas, Kilian Jornet, Desi Linden and Joe Gray.

Founded in 2015 by company President Chris Colón, Motiv has spent the last 24 months identifying and partnering with more than 25 running races and triathlons that are seen as pillars of tradition in their respective communities. These include: JetBlue Long Beach Marathon, Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon, Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, Portland Shamrock Run and The Philly Love Run. Motiv Running serves to enhance these local gatherings by ‘investing in the distinct culture that has drawn tens of thousands of participants to each of these starting lines.’

Motiv Running’s key differentiator is focusing on and growing the unique elements that make local events so appealing. Colón believes this strategy is counter to the current industry trend of aggregating properties under a homogeneous corporate brand with a repetitive theme. He argues that “rolling up events under a corporate brand dilutes the event’s authenticity because at the heart of every remarkable event are local race directors that have dedicated themselves to delivering memorable experiences for their participants year after year.”

Motiv-connected events will continue to be led by this approach of ‘maintaining the race brands that are woven into the fabric of their respective communities’.

“Our aim is to maintain and cultivate our roots in the running world,” Colón said “We have assembled an expert team of passionate people who have been in the running industry for a long time. With their knowledge of the global running scene combined with a focus on local events, our goal is to improve the runner experience and help runners connect both digitally and at our live events.”

Motiv is an active lifestyle and entertainment company ‘focused on delivering authentic and immersive live and digital experiences’. Founded in 2015, Motiv is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices across the US and Canada. With decades of experience in the sports and entertainment events industry, the company adds that it is continually refining what works while exploring unique partnerships and opportunities to further enhance the consumer experience.

The Motiv platform currently consists of 25-plus events and digital properties – with plans to expand into a several vertical industries in the outdoor lifestyle space.




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