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Dirk Bockel unveils The Art Of Triathlon Training

Dirk Bockel Book - The Art of Triathlon Training

After over four years of writing, pro triathlete Dirk Bockel has finalised a book package of five books, which will be available exclusively via his athlete blog – liveandlettri.com. The official book launch will be 1 October 2017.

The book package contains the main book – The Art Of Triathlon Training – two written short books, an audio/video and an additional video. Along with the book package, Bockel will also launch his Facebook Mentorship group from where he will coach, consult & guide athletes on their triathlon journey.

Dirk Bockel said “As you can imagine, I am beyond excited to share this. I will be donating some of the profit to my two favourite organisations: ‘To Walk Again’ and ‘SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde’.”




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