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Elastic Interface pads out new website

Elastic Interface website

Elastic Interface, by CyTech, a specialist in the manufacturing of cycling pads, has launched its new website. The new site aims to answer any rider question about cycling pads, such as… whether it’s best to opt for a thicker pad or go for the right foam density; and are all chamois face fabrics the same?

The new website at elasticinterface.com has been built around a user-friendly interface. The ‘About us’ section on the site informs the visitor about Elastic Interface cycling pads made by CyTech Srl, a member of the CyPad Group.

In the Products section, the company showcases its rich catalogue, which currently includes more than 43 models for men and 35 for women, all grouped by cycling discipline. The Technology section helps give an understanding about how pads are made, which fabrics are the most suitable and which properties they should have. This area also expands upon exclusive technologies, foams, certifications and the company’s EIT Lab, or how to get maintenance tips for a pad.

Major cycling apparel brands throughout the world choose Elastic Interface products for their quality. Many, but not all, are listed in the Brand section. The Magazine section is where the company communicates with consumers. This is a discussion forum and a blog addressing current topics of interest to cycling enthusiasts. The website also has a page dedicated to sustainability for an eco-friendlier approach.




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