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Eleven Eurobike Gold Award winners and a Green Award for sustainable innovation

Eurobike Award at show

This week, the first evening of the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany, was eagerly awaited by visitors and exhibitors alike. Tension was particularly high among the 43 winners of Eurobike Awards in 2017, because Wednesday evening marked the point in the awards ceremony when the winners of the prestigious Gold Awards were announced.

For the 2017 Eurobike Awards, one company was honoured for an especially sustainable innovation with a Green Award while five new idea factories received a Start-up Award.

A total of 458 applications for a Eurobike Award, which is celebrating its 13th edition this year, demonstrates the innovative zeal within the bike market and the marketing kudos that can be attached to the awards. A six-strong panel of judges took part in a two-stage process to select a total of 43 winning products from these entrants. The winners have been on show in a special Eurobike display in the West Foyer of Messe Friedrichshafen since the first day of the trade show.

“We are delighted by the large number of entrants in the Eurobike Award and the high level of innovation displayed among them,” explained Stefan Reisinger, Head of Eurobike. “This year’s competition has shown once again that the bike industry is now one of the high-tech segments and in some areas, such as electromobility, materials technology and digitization, is actually assuming a pioneering role. Added to this is the fact that product design has long been a subject that suppliers in the cycle market master with aplomb.”

The winners of the Eurobike Gold Awards 2017 are:

Pa?hoj Child Seat
The child bike seat by this start-up from the Swedish bicycle centre of Malmo? can be easily removed from the carrier rack and then used as a buggy thanks to its integrated wheels.

Rohloff E-14
The Rohloff hub is a classic amongst bike transmissions, which now, in collaboration with Bosch, is entering a new era as an electronically controlled version.

Linka Smart Bicycle Lock
The Linka Smart Bicycle Lock opens up new application horizons with its Bluetooth and smartphone lock control.

Mokumono Delta
Mokumono from the Netherlands is aiming to revolutionize the manufacturing process with its fully automatic production of laser-welded bicycle frames using aluminium profiles.

Adlerwerke Bicycle Carrier
Under the traditional name of Adlerwerke, the bicycle manufacturer of the same name is presenting a new roof carrier, which impressed the judges with its minimalistic approach.

Durbanis LocLock
The Spanish Gold Award winner Durbanis demonstrates that the ingenuity of many a solution lies in its simplicity. The award panel came to the same conclusion, with one judge stating “The combination of cement for durability and a surface that reduces the risk of damage to frames is a very good idea.”

Tucano Urbano Magic Parka
With its functional jackets, the Italian supplier Tucano Urbano is already a highly sought-after brand among motorcyclists. At the Eurobike Award, the Milan-based company was also presenting solutions for cyclists and managed to impress the award panel.

Rondo Ruut CF1
Rondo has taken the gravel scene by storm with its optically and technically inspired bike models. And the Eurobike Award panel was similarly unable to resist the attraction of this start-up from Poland.

Focus Project Y
With its Project Y, the sporty bicycle manufacturer Focus is showing a new angle for the racing bike market.

Fazua Evation
“Fazua is creating an entirely new segment with its evation drive. Motor and battery can be easily removed so that a normal bike remains,” was the panel’s comment on this Gold Award winner.

Van Nicholas Skeiron
Titanium is among the classic materials for frames and one that is known to send bike fans into raptures. This modern implementation by the Dutch manufacturer with its new Skeiron model also managed to produce an ecstatic reaction from the Award panel: “The market for titanium road bikes may be small, but the Skeiron particularly impressed us with its classic retro design and its unique integration of cables in the cockpit and frame.”

The Eurobike Green Award Winner – Green Compound by Schwalbe
The judges for the Eurobike Award not only observed innovations in the technical development and design of bicycles but also in the sustainability of products connected with the bike. The tyres from the new Green Compound by Schwalbe particularly impressed the panel members, who judged it to be deserving of a Green Award: “With its Green Compound, Schwalbe is setting a new standard in the use of recycled materials.”

The winners of Gold, Green and Eurobike Awards will remain on show at the Bike fair until Saturday, 2 September, in a special display in the West Foyer of Messe Friedrichshafen.

A total of around 1400 exhibitors will be presenting their new products and innovations at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany, taking place from 30 August to 2 September 2017. The first three days of the show are reserved for trade visitors. On Eurobike Festival Day, Saturday 2 September, the last day of the show, doors will be opened to bike fans in the general public.




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