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Emirates Triathlon Club takes to the skies for FLYTRI inter-airline competition

Ocean Lava Azores - plane coming into land

The object of a new FLYTRI inter-airline competition powered by Azores Airlines is to foster good relations and healthy competition among those employed in civil aviation. The competition is running as part of the inaugural Ocean Lava Azores Islands event, which takes place on 5 November 2017 on the autonomous region of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic.

Ocean Lava Azores has a FLYTRI Championships open to employees from all the world’s airlines, operating scheduled or charter flights or any airline related company or association.

Emirates Triathlon Club members are the first to be confirmed from a large international civil aviation company to participate in the FLYTRI competition during Ocean Lava Azores Islands. Emirates Airlines is a Dubai based airline that has been providing commercial passenger service since 1985. The now international airline is owned and operated by the government of Dubai.

Jeroen Van Cauwenberghe, training captain of B777 airplanes, and also a triathlete and President of Emirates Triathlon Club said “Emirates Triathlon Club was established in 2012 and has grown to 150 members with several multiple IRONMAN finishers who are the real motor behind the club.

“Custom coaching is being offered to our members to accommodate realistic training around their flying rosters. Our airline sponsors us to participate in interline competitions and we are excited to come to the Azores for the FLY3 interline competition as it surely looks like a unique opportunity to participate in our beautiful sport in such a unique location.”

Ana Cabral Rodrigues from the Communication & Marketing department at Azores Airlines said “We are delighted to welcome Emirates Airline’s Triathlon club members on board and to our beautiful destination Azores Islands. With Ponta Delgada Airport on the doorstep it’s great to welcome Emirates Triathlon as our special guests who have chosen to participate in the triathlon event supported by Azores Airlines, as many of our employees and other civil aviation staff members from Portugal are very keen triathletes too.

“For 75 years we at Azores Airlines and Grupo SATA have been linking together what the Atlantic ocean separates. Our business is about creating great flying experiences for all Azores Airlines passengers, and it’s a thrill for us to highlight what we do best through supporting a triathlon event that’s not only on the world’s radar, but also happens to be in our airport’s city.”

Jurica Cvjetko, Ocean Lava Planet Marketing Manager said “We’re delighted to welcome Emirates Triathlon Club to Ocean Lava Azores Islands Triathlon. Hopefully this will not only raise the profile of what we do, but also encourage more people employed in civil aviation to take part in what is unquestionably a spectacular destination to swim, bike and then fly.

“Our aim is to develop a way to recognize and reward the true ambassadors of our sport in the air. I believe the FLYTRI competition can become a motivating factor for others to stay active and keep fuelling the multisport lifestyle.”

He continued, “As an age-group triathlete flying all way from Croatia to Azores Islands last November I competed in a triathlon in Ponta Delgada city with cabin crew members from Azores Airlines and TAP Portugal Airlines. FLYTRI is unique competition and is giving back to all airline staff members who are working hard every day to ensure all triathletes’ opportunities to fly often above the clouds during the long triathlon season and to reach different race destinations worldwide.”

Registration for Ocean Lava Azores Islands opened on 5 June 2017. To help athletes get to this year’s race on 5 November 2017, there are discounts on flights via Azores Airlines (from 3-7 November 2017).




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