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Enhancing athlete performance at ITU’s Science + Triathlon Conference

ITU Science and Triathlon World Conference 2017

This year’s ITU Science + Triathlon World Conference is billed as being ‘much more than just a gathering of the best coaching minds in the sport’. The 2017 event, to be held in Edmonton, Canada, on 5-8 December, brings together many of the world’s top experts and researchers in endurance sport. Over 2-3 days, all attendees will focus their attention on how to apply the latest science and research into best practices in coaching triathlon.

This year’s program is a ‘curriculum made of building blocks and practical hands on information that will produce better coaches and therefore better, stronger and faster athletes.’

The conference will aim to answer questions around pacing and periodization, talent identification, enhancing parents’ interactions, overtraining, heart health. It will also discuss the current evidence and best practices for altitude training or competing in the heat & pollution.



The formal program will end with all conference experts joining together to make educated guesses on what the future holds for the sport of triathlon.

There will also be ample opportunity for speed networking with experts, coaches and practitioners. And, at the end of the event, a charter bus will be available to whisk delegates away for a weekend of skiing or relaxing in the Rocky Mountains.

The early bird entry fee for ITU’s Science + Triathlon World Conference (1 April 2017 – 31 August 2017) is C$450. Thereafter, from 1 September to 1 December, the fee is C$550.




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