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Eyes wide open: Rudy Project’s Polar 3FX HDR lens offers optimized wavelength filtering

Rudy Project Launches New Polarized Lens Line - Polar 3FX HDR

Rudy Project is introducing what is being billed as the latest advancement in polarized lens technology: the new Polar 3FX HDR line. After years of research and athlete feedback, the proprietary lens technology protects the wearer’s eyes from harmful UV rays. According to Rudy Project, the new lens also eliminates annoying glare by selectively filtering non-harmful wavelengths through the lenses allowing for enhanced colour and visual acuity.

By tuning specific wavelengths of light and optimizing the colour spectrum, Rudy Project’s Polar 3FX HDR lenses are engineered to maximize colour recognition in a wide range of light conditions while ‘keeping colours true and eliminating hyper distortion’.

“The new Polar 3FX HDR lenses are the latest addition to our line-up of industry leading lens technologies and will be a game changer for us,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. “Coupled with our ImpactX-2 unbreakable fast acting photochromic lenses, athletes and weekend warriors alike will have a whole array of superior lens choices when they want to elevate their performance in harsh and variable light conditions.”

The new lens offering enhances Rudy Project’s popular Polar3FX technology and gives it a boost from newly incorporated HDR (high dynamic range) filters and an advanced new coating aimed at making the lenses more smudge-resistant and immune to UV degradation. Here, hydrophobic features ‘force water to bead on the lens surface to make cleaning quick and easy’.

The Polar 3FX HDR lenses are engineered to maximize the wearer’s perception by improving colour recognition and enhancing contrast while filtering glare from sunlight, and harsh glare due torefracted light from wet or shiny surfaces such as water, snow, and asphalt. The HDR filter is designed to relax the eye, so that urban, mountain and road bikers alike experience enhanced visual acuity on the road, and are able to react to obstacles or changing conditions.

The new Polar3FX HDR line is available in four mirrored colours: Multilaser Red, Multilaser Orange, Multilaser Green and Laser Grey. The HDR lenses will be available in the new 2018 Sintryx, the popular Fotonyk, and Rudy Project’s flagship Rydon. Current sunglass owners can also purchase the lenses separately as a replacement lenses. With the new Sintryx, wearers will be able to swap from RP Optics to ImpactX-2 fast-acting photochromic lenses to Polar3FX HDR lenses using the sunglass’s new lens release system.

The Polar 3FX HDR line is covered by Rudy Project’s lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee (RLG). Customers who purchase their lenses from any authorized Rudy Project retailer in North America can send back scratched lenses at any time, and get a replacement set for a nominal shipping and handling fee. The Lifetime Replacement Lens Guarantee coupled with Rudy Project’s 3 Year Frame warranty provide ‘one of the best dual sunglass policies in the eyewear industry’. Coupled with Rudy Project’s 6 Year Crash Replacement Guarantee on all helmets, the RLG is seen as one of many customer friendly policies implemented Rudy Project to differentiate the brand from the competition.




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