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Fabian Cancellara rides with newly reformed TriStar triathlon series

TriStar bike

Cycling legend Fabian Cancellara reportedly sees great potential in triathlon. Following his retirement, the Swiss cycling icon is now becoming a partner of the newly reformed TriStar triathlon series. The two-time Olympic champion and four-time world champion Fabian Cancellara remains loyal to the bike. But not just to cycling. He has decided to become a partner of the TriStar triathlon series along with the founders of the brand Georg Hochegger and Armin Meier.

“I was instantly fascinated by this triathlon format, as it is strongly oriented towards cycling,” explained Cancellara. He added, “I will put all my knowledge and energy into this project, to ensure that TriStar becomes a global brand.”

The organising team note that strong cyclists are ‘actually at an advantage in TriStar and it particularly appeals to recreational athletes’.

New TriStar team

TriStar is not a new thing. The series was founded by Georg Hochegger, member of the “IRONMAN Hall of Fame”, and experienced a rise between 2009 and 2012. At its peak, 25 events were held in a variety of destinations, with over 30,000 athletes taking part. In a release from TriStar it was noted that this rapid growth, along with the exit of the company’s main investor were also the reasons that TriStar disappeared from the scene for four years.

Now TriStar is restarting with ‘new partners, a new concept and a somewhat more down-to-earth feel’. On the weekend of 2-3 September 2017, the relaunch event will take place in Rorschach in the border region where Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet.

The owners have decided to rely on strong, local partners in the implementation of the event and to use a licence structure. The medium-term plan is to expand into different countries in Europe and to be internationally active from 2020. The format with the 55.5 and 111 km distance disciplines is recognised by the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

After selling IRONMAN Klagenfurt, Georg Hochegger founded the TriStar brand in 2009. In the short period of time from 2010 to 2012 TriStar grew rapidly, with a total of 25 events being held with over 30,000 athletes in Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America.



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