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Flick of the wrist: Myotest expands biomechanics to wrist wearables

Myotest product splash

Myotest, a licensor of biomechanics and smart coaching solutions, has unveiled what is being billed as the world’s first high definition biomechanics library designed and optimized for the wrist. The new wrist solution expands Myotest’s patented portfolio of products for runners beyond chest-based and belt-based wearable devices.

“To-date high definition biomechanics has been limited to wearable devices on the chest,” said Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “Our engineering team has cracked the code for wrist wearables. Our new algorithms calculate biomechanics directly from accelerometer data taken at the wrist with an accuracy equivalent to chest-worn devices.

“This creates unprecedented business opportunities for watchmakers in the sports and fitness business looking for a unique differentiator.”

The Myotest HD solution provides biomechanics data such as cadence, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, regularity and power with a claimed average accuracy rate higher than 95% at the chest and higher than 93% at the wrist, all relative to the centre of a runner’s mass.

Myotest HD Biomechanics Library is available for licensing, ‘uses minimum footprint, low power consumption, and is compatible with [its] cloud-based smart coach services.’ It requires no secondary device to calibrate and no chest strap sensor.

Myotest provides personalized smart training software and services for runners to achieve their performance goals and improve their efficiency based on their own unique physiology. Running brands can embed Myotest software in their products to collect, analyze and deliver real-time coaching based on an individual runner’s biomechanics data.

The Myotest patent portfolio includes more than 60 issued and pending patents. Founded in 2004, the company is ‘a precursor in biomechanics-based smart coaching for over 20,000 professional athletes’.




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