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Four steps to heaven (or hell!) with The Sufferfest’s Four-Dimensional Power (4DP)

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The Sufferfest has unveiled further details behind its Four-Dimensional Power (4DP) platform and testing procedure – as the indoor training specialist moves away from the widely used Functional Threshold Power (FTP) protocol.

The Sufferfest’s previous fitness test, Rubber Glove, evaluated a rider’s FTP, which has long been a key metric to set training zones and power targets. According to the Sufferfest team, ‘FTP only measures your ability during long, sustained efforts… FTP doesn’t tell you how well you can sprint, deliver repeated attacks or tackle short, steep climbs… FTP doesn’t know what you can really do above threshold. FTP-based apps have to make assumptions about your capabilities.’

With the launch of 4DP, The Sufferfest has replaced the Rubber Glove-only, FTP approach with a new fitness test that ‘uncovers exactly what you can do’. It’s called Full Frontal and can now be found in The Sufferfest app.

Over the course of an hour, Full Frontal will assess a rider’s fitness in four key areas – Neuromuscular Power, Anaerobic Capacity, Maximal Aerobic Power, and Functional Threshold Power.

There are four tests in the Full Frontal training/testing video from The Sufferfest:

  • NMP – neuromuscular power sprinting (5 seconds)
  • AC – anaerobic capacity, short efforts (1 minute)
  • MAP – max aerobic power, VO2 (5 minutes)
  • FTP – functional threshold power (20 minutes)

The Sufferfest - Four-Dimensional Power 4DP - tests

Once a rider has completed Full Frontal (and can see straight again!), the app will show a comprehensive 4DP Profile.

Sufferfest app users will also find out which of six rider types best describes them – Sprinter, Attacker, Pursuiter, Time Triallist, Climber, or Rouleur.

The Sufferfest - Four-Dimensional Power 4DP - example power profile

Based on the test results, The Sufferfest will ‘let you know where your true capabilities lie’. The company points out that ‘It’s important to note that your rider type isn’t a judgement on how good a rider you are, but on your innate ability. It’s one of the most exciting parts of 4DP.’

The Sufferfest app will recommend which workouts are needed to build on strengths and which should be focused on to address weaknesses.

Using Four-Dimensional Power in The Sufferfest app also results in personalized workouts. Depending on the workout context, sprints may be based on a rider’s 5 second power, short intervals on the 1 and 5 minute powers and sustained efforts on FTP. The team at APEX Coaching has behind the scenes ‘adjusted every single effort in every single one of [the] workouts to reference the appropriate metric at the right time at exactly the right intensity so you get the exact training stimulus that is right for you and you alone.’

As The Sufferfest adds, ‘Say goodbye to cookie cutter, FTP-based workouts that make assumptions about what you can do. Say hello to the most highly-personalized, effective way to train.’




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