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Free triathlon, cycle and run training plans from Altium i10

Altium i10 training plan image

Specialist altitude simulator, Altium i10, has confirmed a first batch of training plans, produced by four of its partner coaches. The training plans – for marathon training, early season triathlon training, cycle training and half iron distance triathlon – all incorporate the Altium i10 altitude simulator device, guiding athletes on how to incorporate Altium i10 into their training regimen.

The benefits of altitude simulation for endurance sport performance have been well-documented; and Altium i10 offers athletes a portable solution for those who cannot spend extended periods at altitude.

Alan Montgomery, Director at Altium i10 said, “We’re really grateful to all our partner coaches for providing their insights and expertise to athletes using Altium i10. The new training plans from our partner coaches also offer a tool for those who need a bit more structure to their training.”

He continued, “The new training plans help athletes understand how and when to incorporate Altium i10 into their weekly training schedules. Of course, for those who are looking at taking their performance to the next level, we’d recommend getting in touch with a coach directly!”

  • Award winning triathlon coach, Joel Enoch, the man behind the Hartree JETS Ecosse performance triathlon squad, developed the first Altium i10 training plan for winter/early season triathlon training. This 8-week program helps athletes get set for the 2017 season with some solid base training incorporating altitude simulation.
  • Mike Duff at Halo Velo in Girona, Spain, has produced a series of training plans incorporating Altium i10. Two of these are specifically tailored for athletes looking to take on this year’s daunting Transpyr Backroads and Transpyr Gran Raid MTB events in the Pyrenees. A third plan, also including Altium i10 sessions, is for general cycling fitness and can be applied to a base training phase.
  • Triathlon Training Spain Head Coach Martin Hill has prepared a training plan for those looking at taking on an IRONMAN 70.3 or half distance event. Again, the plan includes Altium i10 sessions. It is best suited to those who are relatively advanced in terms of training volume and experience – and is targeted at those looking to gain that extra edge.
  • Specifically focused at marathon training, Altium i10 has teamed up with sponsored athletes Callum and Derek Hawkins (and their coaching business Hawkins Running). This 16-week program aims to get runners ‘beating their best’ for the 2017 season.

Athletes can sign up for the FREE plans via a special link on the Altium i10 website, or by contacting info@altium-i10.com.

Explaining the benefits of Altium i10, Alan Montgomery said, “Altium i10 works to simulate altitude – boosting oxygen efficiency and, in turn, endurance performance. Typically, over a period of 28 days, with an athlete using the device for one hour a day, every other day, the body adapts to improve oxygen flow to the muscles.”

He added, “From improved time-trial performances, running-time-to-exhaustion through to sub-maximal cycling power, there are many endurance sport benefits – and we hope that these new training plans give some further structure and assistance to the busy race season ahead.”

Altium i10 is looking forward to the 2017 racing season, having built a following across the wider sports and outdoor fitness communities over the past 18 months. The brand sponsors the BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team, Callum Hawkins, who finished ninth in the Rio 2016 Olympic Marathon, and his Olympian brother Derek Hawkins. Other sponsored athletes include 2015 British Half Marathon Champion and English 10,000m Champion Jess Coulson.

Altium i10 device and cartridges

Based in Glasgow and officially launched in September 2015, at the Cycle Show in Birmingham, UK, Altium i10 has been making waves across the endurance sport community in recent months. Altium i10 is currently being used by keen amateur athletes competing at age-group level, along with elite cyclists, runners and triathletes aiming for the Olympic Games and the pinnacle of their chosen international sport.

Brand ambassadors include: the BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace; Rio 2016 athletes Callum & Derek Hawkins (marathon) and Hannah Miley (swimming); and former British Half Marathon Champion Jessica Coulson.

Unlike altitude tents or other simulators that can be priced in the thousands, Altium i10 has an RRP of £499. This includes the device and cartridges for the main 28-day altitude simulation phase. Cartridges typically last two to three sessions and can be bought separately at £10 per unit.  A free iPhone app works with the device to analyze and track progress.

Altium i10 is billed as ‘the performance edge you have been searching for’. It offers a way of physically stressing the body to simulate altitude without overloading the body. It is a convenient and alternative method to deliver the endurance benefits of being at altitude.




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