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Funkier sponsors Ride For Water

Funkier Bike - Ride For Water
Cycle apparel and accessories company Funkier Bike is supplying the cycling apparel for ‘one of the USA’s most authentic and impactful philanthropies’, Ride For Water. Ride For Water was founded in 2013 by a group of undergraduates at Azuza Pacific University, and the group’s goal is to bring awareness to the global crisis in access to clean drinking water – a crisis that affects an estimated 663,000,000 people.

“We firmly believe that clean water is a basic human right and we want to do whatever we can to support this organization and bring awareness to this global crisis,” said Elijah Jerjerian, a rider who graduated this month from the Southern California school.

Six men and six women – all current or just-graduated students at Azuza Pacific – are taking different routes in their West-to-East cross-continental journey, with two drivers and five cyclists in each group. The varying routes allow them to touch as many Americans as possible during their nearly 3,000-mile route. The men’s team departed Anacortes, Washington on 18 May, and will arrive in New York City in an estimated 21 days. The women’s team departed Florence, Oregon, on 15 May after a busy finals week and is expected in New York on 3 July.

With this year’s goal of raising US$85,000, 2017 marks the fifth year that the group has undertaken the arduous journey, and to date, a collection of young adults have raised more than US$175,000, all of which is directed to ‘charity: water’, a New York-based charity devoted to the cause of providing clean water to the developing world.

Founded in the 1990s and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Funkier Bike has about 350 employees globally, and has a USA base in Wisconsin. It produces a range of cycling apparel and accessories, and the company worked with the Ride For Water riders to develop semi-customized versions of its Corrazano jersey, and Boreano bib shorts to maximize comfort and performance for the arduous journey.

“We’re proud to support these young men and women in their pursuit of what is truly a noble goal,” noted Funkier Bike’s USA Manager Kevin Tuttle. “This kind of civic engagement and global outlook gives us hope for the next generation of Americans, and of the continuing civic engagement of the whole cycling community.”




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