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Get Event Fit gears up to launch Virtuathon

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The organisers of Get Event Fit are gearing up to launch Virtuathon, a series of virtual running, cycling and triathlon challenge events to encourage people across the UK to get active and kick-start 2018.

Aimed at beginners, Get Event Fit points out that the purpose of Virtuathon is to provide an achievable challenge with easy-to-follow daily training, education and motivation that helps participants learn how to become fitter and healthier long-term. The challenges can be completed at any location, inside or out, individually or with friends, and all finishers are rewarded with a Virtuathon medal.

To prepare for their challenge, participants are able to build their confidence through integrated training programmes delivered via the Get Event Fit app. The company adds that the appeal of integrated training programmes is that they weave together related content from multiple sources such as physical activity, strength and conditioning, recovery strategies, yoga, nutrition, healthy eating, positive mindset, meditation and more. This can provide the ‘immersive education required to learn positive daily habits that will last long after the initial Virtuathon challenge is complete’.

An example of integrated training is cited via Cancer Research UK’s Tough 10, a series of 10K runs on some of the UK’s toughest terrain. In a trial, Get Event Fit delivered various Tough 10 8-week training programmes to 235 participants who had actively requested the training online. The daily engagement levels accessing the training and motivational content through the app and online were high, with positive results reported.

Of those surveyed, 97% of participants stated that they successfully completed their event, with 87% agreeing or strongly agreeing that the Get Event Fit helped prepare them physically and mentally for their Tough 10 event. 87% reportedly agreed or strongly agreed that having the content delivered daily was more convenient than receiving it all at once via a PDF or printout, and 91% found the articles relevant and useful. An impressive 93% would request training through Get Event Fit again, and a reported 100% would recommend Get Event Fit to family and friends.

Virtuathon is available in three formats: Beginners Virtual Runathon, Workplace Virtuathon and Schools Virtuathon. In each of the formats, Virtuathon training programmes are provided and daily motivation is delivered via the Get Event Fit app.

The Beginners Virtual Runathon is a virtual 5K or 10K challenge, which includes training for 8 weeks. It has been designed specifically for beginners who would like to become more active, but who don’t know where to start and need regular support and motivation. The next Beginners Virtual Runathon takes place on the weekend of 31 March 2018; registration closes on 31st January and training starts on 5 February.

The Workplace Virtuathon is designed to encourage an active, healthy and more motivated workforce through organised virtual running challenges. Additionally, Workplace Virtuathon training includes integrated employee wellbeing education provided in collaboration with Health@Work.

Here, an employer will provide the challenge inviting employees to join in. The next organised Workplace Virtuathon challenge takes place in May 2018.

The third option is the School Virtuathon, which is designed to maximise staff and community participation and encourage positive lifestyle choices. This is also seen as a way to raise funds for a school or chosen charity. It can be completed anywhere and is provided by local schools for their staff, PTA and communities.

Virtuathon will be officially launched at The National Running Show, taking place at Birmingham’s NEC, on 20-21 January 2018.

Chris Mitchell, Managing Director of Get Event Fit, said, “We are delighted to announce that we will shortly be launching Virtuathon, a unique series of virtual challenges for individuals, organisations and schools. Designed to encourage people from all walks of life to get active, Virtuathon is a very easy way to sign up for a challenge and receive full support from the moment you start training until the day the challenge takes place.

“We had great success implementing the Get Event Fit training programmes with Cancer Research UK Tough 10, and look forward to opening these up so that many more people can experience the benefit of an integrated training programme.

“Virtuathon offers a great range of challenges with wide appeal, and the Get Event Fit app is ready to inspire, educate and support participants every step of the way.”




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