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Giving the straight dope: Floyd Landis launches Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil

Positioned as an ‘all-natural pain solution to get you back into the competition’, Floyd’s of Leadville, a Colorado Based maker of CBD pain management supplements has introduced CBD Hemp Oil soft-gel capsules.

Years of racing at the sport’s highest level left Landis with chronic pain and serious motivation to find a non-addictive, natural recovery solution. After discovering pain relief through natural sources, Landis launched Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil. The soft-gel capsule ‘that gets rid of pain so you can get back into the race’ is now shipping internationally.

“The therapeutic uses for CBD can’t be ignored,” said Floyd Landis. “For years I relied on opioid pain relievers to treat my hip pain. With this hemp oil, I find that I can manage my pain and have a better quality of life. We need to give people a safer alternative.”

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil enters the all natural pain and anti-inflammatory relief industry specializing in pesticide free all-natural hemp. Known for its relaxing effects, hemp oil also contains essential fatty acids that can offer additional health benefits. A release from the company adds, ‘With all these positive effects in one small soft-gel capsule, Floyd’s CBD Hemp Oil is the perfect remedy for any athlete’s aches and pains.’


  • Natural: no preservatives or additives in the capsules, only natural CBD hemp oil. 100% hemp based and non-psychoactive.
  • Effective: utilizes the best anti-inflammatory formulation.
  • Healthful: includes essential fatty acids such as Omega -3, 6, and GLA.
  • Daily supplement soft-gel capsule
  • 20 mg of cannabidiol (CBD) per serving
  • 480 mg of hemp oil
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega -3, 6, and GLA)
  • Anti-inflammatory and stress formula
  • Relaxing effects
  • No preservatives or additives
  • MSRP: US$49.95 (30 servings)




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