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Heathspan Elite rolls out Activ Immunity + tabs

Heathspan Elite Activ Immunity plus

Heathspan Elite has introduced Activ Immunity +, a ‘wild berry flavoured immune boosting effervescent drink’. Activ Immunity + has been formulated to provide daily nutrition support to boost the immune system. Each tablet dissolves in water to provide a wild berry flavoured drink and contains 500mg of the super fruit elderberry which the company adds ‘is packed full of immune boosting antioxidants’.

500mg of vitamin C has also been added, which is ‘widely known for its immune supporting benefits, particularly after periods of intense exercise’. Iron, vitamin D3 and zinc have been included to complement the beneficial actions of elderberry and vitamin C whilst the entire B vitamin complex will ‘reduce tiredness and fatigue to give your energy levels a lift’.

The new product is part of a wider new effervescent range which includes Hydrate, Hydrate Plus and Joint Physio. Formulated to be convenient and great tasting, the new range of Informed-Sport accredited Activ effervescent drinks ‘provide a delicious way to obtain the essential vitamins and minerals you need, helping your performance reach new heights’.




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