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Herbalife in five year deal as official nutrition sponsor of Vietnam Olympic and Paralympic Committees

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Global nutrition company Herbalife has reaffirmed its long-standing commitment to Vietnam sports with the official signing of five-year nutrition sponsorship agreements with the Vietnam Olympic Committee (VOC) and Vietnam Paralympic Committee (VPC). The completion of the nutrition sponsorship agreements ahead of the 2017 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and the 2017 ASEAN Para Games ‘paves the way for Herbalife Nutrition to provide sports nutrition products, nutrition training, awards and incentives to support Vietnamese athletes bound for the two sporting events to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year.’

As the Official Nutrition Sponsor for the VOC and VPC, Herbalife Nutrition will provide:

  • Sports nutrition training for Vietnamese athletes bound for the 2017 SEA Games and 2017 ASEAN Para Games
  • Sports nutrition products from the Herbalife 24 and targeted Nutrition product lines
  • Awards for the first 10 Vietnamese gold medallists at the 2017 SEA Games, and the first 10 Vietnamese gold medallists at the 2017 Para Games
  • Opportunities for selected athletes and coaches to receive sports nutrition education in the USA

The five-year partnership from 2017 to 2021 also affirms Herbalife Nutrition’s position as the Official Nutrition Sponsor for Vietnamese athletes bound for the 2018 ASIAN Games, 2019-2021 SEA Games, 2019-2021 ASEAN Para Games, 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the 2020 Summer Paralympics.

“Herbalife Nutrition is delighted and honoured to continue as the Official Nutrition Partner for the Vietnam Olympic Committee and Vietnam Paralympic Committee,” said Shobie Ann King, Vice President, Southeast Asia at Herbalife Nutrition.

She continued, “As a global nutrition company with a commitment to providing the best nutrition products for athletes all over the world, we believe that we will be able to support the Vietnam sports community with our science-backed nutrition expertise and products, to empower them to deliver their best performances on the sporting fields.”

Herbalife Nutrition first began its nutrition partnership with the Vietnam Sports Administration in 2012.

Most recently at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, the Vietnamese team won one gold and one silver medal – a record performance by the Vietnamese Olympic team. The Vietnamese Paralympics team also put in a sterling performance, garnering one gold, one silver and two bronze medals at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in Rio.

“The Vietnamese sports industry has made a number of extraordinary developments and achievements, and we are delighted that Herbalife Nutrition has made meaningful contributions to these impressive results,” said Tran Van Manh, the Secretary General of Vietnam Olympic Committee.

He added, “With the help of Herbalife Nutrition’s high quality nutrition products, Vietnamese athletes have gained sufficient energy and vitality in preparation for international sporting competitions. Herbalife Nutrition’s training sessions by their nutrition experts have also helped to equip our athletes with valuable knowledge on developing diets with the balanced nutrition philosophy. This not only helped to improve their physical fitness, it also enabled them to be in their best state of mind to reach their fullest potential at sporting events.”

“Thanks to the remarkable improvements made in nutrition and practice methods, Vietnam’s Paralympic team achieved outstanding results at international arena last year, which made our fellow Vietnamese countrymen proud,” said Pham Van Tuan, President of Vietnam Paralympic Committee. “With continuous support from our partnering experts and sponsors, we expect our athletes to continue pushing the limits of sporting performances, breaking records and seeing breakthroughs in results this year.”




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