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HOKA ONE ONE unveils Women Who Fly campaign

HOKA ONE ONE female runner

HOKA ONE ONE, a division of Deckers Brands, has announced a three-part film series highlighting ‘real women who fly’.The film series tells inspiring stories of women who have conquered their issues and paved a path to triumph over adversity. These colourful character studies are designed to inspire other runners while defining the HOKA brand… ‘focusing on running not only for fitness, but also helping you become the person you want to be.’

“We want to dive deep into our runners’ thoughts and motivations, determining what drives them and how it shapes their perspective on life,” said Wendy Yang, President of HOKA and of Performance Lifestyle Brands at Deckers. “All of our subjects experienced a life-changing event, but running has allowed them to overcome these challenges, work through them and come out stronger. We hope to inspire all women, regardless of how much they run. We believe all women can fly over the earth.”

The series kicks off with the story of HOKA-sponsored athlete Devon Yanko, who opens up about how she used running to hide from everyone in the world. The ultra-runner was abused by her high school basketball coach and wanted to run away from the world. Running became a form of therapy and something that Yanko uses figuratively and literally.



The second film features trail runner Catra Corbett, who turned an addiction into something positive through running. The third film features Shirin Gerami, an Iranian triathlete, who struggled pursuing triathlon while adhering to Iran’s dress regulations for women. Practicing her religion, Shirin ensured her hijab would not hinder her excelling during races.




Joris Debeij, Director of the Women Who Fly series, is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker who has shot commercials for Apple and JetBlue, and has had work highlighted at SXSW, Sundance Film Festival as well as the New York Times.




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