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If you’re going to San Francisco: Nuun and Virgin Sport partner to reduce use of disposable bottles

Nuun and Virgin Sport partnership

The first ever US based Virgin Sport Festival of Fitness kicks off on 14 October in San Francisco, California, and Nuun will be on site as the Official Electrolyte Partner, hydrating participants across all of the events. As part of the activation, Virgin Sport and Nuun are getting together to reduce the use of disposable bottles by encouraging everyone at the event to upgrade their sports drinks.

The Festival of Fitness Virgin Sport San Francisco will be held over 14-15 October 2017 including the Twin Peaks Mile, Go Fit Yourself Expo and SF Bay Half Marathon.

Together with the participants a release from Nuun notes that there is an opportunity to eliminate the use of over 1 million single use plastic bottles; and Virgin Sport and Nuun invite everyone to join them in reducing their environmental impact.

Healthy hydration brand Nuun will quench the thirst of the festival participants with its plant-based hydration products as the Official Electrolyte Partner of the SF Bay Half Marathon and Twin Peaks Mile. Refreshing thousands of attendees, Nuun will activate Nuun Hydration Stations in the Go Fit Yourself Fitness Village, as well as on the starting lines, on the racecourse and at the finish lines of the SF Bay Half Marathon and Twin Peaks Mile Hill Climb.

Positioned as an eco-friendly alternative to single use sports drink bottles, Nuun will be handing out complimentary reusable water bottles co-branded with Virgin Sport at the finish line to SF Bay Half Marathon and Twin Peaks Mile participants. They are also encouraging anyone at the Go Fit Yourself Fitness Village to upgrade their sports drinks by trading in any full or empty plastic throwaway sports drink bottles for one of the Nuun reusable bottles.

“Imagine the positive impact on our outdoor playground – our planet – if we dramatically shifted away from disposable, one-time use plastic bottles? We can do better than this,” said Kevin Rutherford Nuun President and CEO. “The team at Nuun is honoured to partner with Virgin Sport in changing the conversation and habits to preserve the environment. We are thrilled to hydrate and motivate participants at this historic event while sharing a mission for positive planetary change with Virgin Sport. “

Virgin Sport is aiming to innovate mass participation events through its Festivals of Fitness; and environmental impact is a focus to create positive change through local participating communities. Traditionally, throwaway plastic sports drink bottles are offered at event finish lines, but together with Nuun, Virgin Sport wants to change the narrative. Virgin Sport and Nuun want to exchange a disposable bottle with a reusable bottle that participants can use year-round and encourage them to see how much they can reduce their consumption of single use sports drink and other beverage bottles.

“Each event we do, we strive to improve our environmental impact,” said Mary Witterberg Global CEO of Virgin Sport. “Partnering with Nuun to help us reduce unnecessary waste was a no brainer, and I am thrilled that participants in the SF Bay Half will be taking our co-branded reusable water bottles home. Both Virgin Sport and Nuun want to encourage runners to implement more sustainable practices in their day-to-day lives.”

Nuun notes that the average person throws away 167 bottles per year; and through this partnership Nuun and Virgin Sport are inviting participants and others interested in preserving the planet to join them in reducing their impact. If everyone attending the event eliminated their use of throw away plastic bottles for a year an estimated 1,000,000 bottles would be saved from being transported and ultimately discarded.




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