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Infront’s B2Run hits the ground running in Poland from 2018 onwards

B2Run event in Germany

Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company, is expanding its corporate running series B2Run to Poland. The first race is planned for 2018 with five race locations across the country expected to launch within the next three years.

With the addition of Poland to the series, B2Run will stage events across eight countries in 2018 including Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland. According to the B2Run team, ‘The new addition of Poland demonstrates the continued success of the format and rapid growth of the B2Run series.’

The events in Poland will be planned and managed by domestic agency Evolutio. Its owners Marcin Herra and Andrzej Bogucki are known for running the National Stadium in Warsaw in the past and have ‘significant experience in the acquisition of sponsors as well as in venue and event management’. Infront adds that their long-standing experience will ensure the growth of the platform across the country.

‘35% of Polish population enjoys running’
From a running standpoint, Poland’s potential is seen as promising – since out of a population of close to 40 million, 12 million Poles are already running. In Poland, running attracts all ages, genders and is said to be especially popular among the corporate population. As a growing number of Poles make running their hobby, ‘businesses are increasingly willing to step up their engagement with running events as well’.

Seizing the momentum
With its unique brand and format, B2Run is well placed to seize the momentum to make running more popular in Poland. Infront notes that this will be accomplished by satisfying the needs of the local suburban population and by providing authentic forms of engagement to Polish companies and major international corporations in Poland alike.

As the most popular race distance of Polish runners lies between 5K and 10K, the average B2Run race length of approximately 6K is set to appeal to a large number of runners in Poland. With around 20 modern stadiums in existence in Poland, and new stadiums and arenas scheduled to open in 2017 and 2018 across the country, the necessary modern infrastructure is also within reach.

Andrzej Bogucki, co-owner of Evolutio, said “We are very happy and excited to partner with Infront in delivering a new format of business runs in Poland and becoming a member of the international B2Run family. We are convinced that the concept of B2Run will gain great popularity not only amongst international companies but domestic ones as well. The opportunity to compete against colleagues from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and South Africa will be an additional value.”

“Poles love to run and they prove it every day,” added Evolutio’s Marcin Herra. “With the B2Run format we bring business runs in Poland to a new level and create new opportunities and chances not only in sports competition but in business growth as well.”

Hans-Peter Zurbruegg, Director Active Lifestyle & Endurance at Infront said “We are proud of the growth and popularity that B2Run has gauged in the past few years and it is reassuring that in Poland we have an agency partner of Evolutio’s calibre on board. I am confident of B2Run’s success in Poland, as more than 35% of Poles already have a passion for running. This number and the number of Poles participating in races is set to increase with B2Run’s arrival.”

B2Run, an Infront company, is billed as Europe’s largest corporate running series and has recorded significant growth since it was founded in 2004. In 2017, the 6km runs will be held in German, Dutch, Swiss, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and South African cities, ‘offering companies attractive platforms for unique employee events’. In Germany, the country where it originated, B2Run is… ‘the fastest-growing and largest running series, targeting a record attendance of approximately 195,000 participants from over 9,500 companies with 17 events in 2017.’

Infront Sports & Media, a Wanda Sports company, is an international sports marketing firm, managing a comprehensive portfolio of properties. Led by President & CEO Philippe Blatter, Infront covers: distribution of media rights, sponsorship, media production, event operation and digital solutions. As the ‘number one player in winter sport and with a leading role in football, summer and endurance sports’, Infront enjoys long-lasting partnerships with close to 170 rights-holders and hundreds of sponsors and media companies. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, Infront has a team of more than 900 experienced staff working from over 35 offices across more than 15 countries, ‘delivering 4,100 event days of top class sport around the world every year’. In November 2015, Infront was integrated into Wanda Sports Holding, part of the Chinese conglomerate the Dalian Wanda Group.




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