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IRONMAN and COMPRESSPORT partnership stretches across North America


IRONMAN and COMPRESSPORT, have announced a two-year partnership naming COMPRESSPORT as the Official Compression Partner of the IRONMAN North American Series for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

The North America partnership is an expansion on the current partnership between IRONMAN and COMPRESSPORT for the IRONMAN European Series. The two regional partnerships solidify a strong ongoing relationship between IRONMAN athletes and COMPRESSPORT. Originating in Switzerland, COMPRESSPORT products were first used by athletes in France in 2008. Since its inception, COMPRESSPORT has been worn by many IRONMAN event winners, podium finishers, and IRONMAN World Champions.

COMPRESSPORT is activating its partnership at 36 events across North America in 2017.

“COMPRESSPORT has transformed the compression component of training and recovery for our athletes,” said Stuart Selig, EVP of Global Partnerships, North America for IRONMAN. “The collaboration between IRONMAN and COMPRESSPORT will be solidified with the further expansion into North America. We believe in giving our dedicated athletes access to superior quality products and that is exactly what COMPRESSPORT offers.”

As part of the partnership, co-branded IRONMAN by COMPRESSPORT licensed products have been created. These products feature the latest compression technology innovations and exclusive designs from the Swiss-based company.

“The link between IRONMAN and COMPRESSPORT has strengthened over the last year,” said Sylvain Laur, founder of COMPRESSPORT. “Every year since 2009, COMPRESSPORT has been one of the leading compression brands at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawai’i. Athletes such as Frederik Van Lierde, Craig Alexander, Javier Gomez Noya, Melissa Hauschildt, and Victor del Corral have contributed to more than 200 wins and podiums at IRONMAN races utilizing COMPRESSPORT gear. We look forward to continuing to strengthen this relationship throughout 2017 and into 2018.”




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