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JustGiving and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series in three year partnership

Rock n Roll Marathon Series

At this week’s Running USA Industry Conference, JustGiving, ‘the world’s number one platform for giving’ is announcing a three-year partnership with Competitor Group’s (CGI) Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, ‘the largest running series in the world’.

The online giving platform has 16 years’ experience and 20 million users in 164 countries around the world. In that time, the organisation has ‘raised US$4.2 billion for thousands of charities and crowdfunding causes’.

Launching a presence in the US, JustGiving will bring its social fundraising expertise to Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series’ 575,000 participants – giving them the chance to raise more for the causes they care about. Combined with the recent acquisition of Just Give and its 1 million users and 1000 companies, ‘JustGiving with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is poised to revolutionize fundraising in the USA’.

Michele Crepeau, JustGiving’s Director of Business Development said “We are excited to announce JustGiving’s new partnership with CGI and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series. Bringing together the biggest running series in the world with the no.1 global fundraising platform will mean more money will reach the causes runners care about.

“Our plans to expand in the US look at connecting fundraising and the running industry by delivering a unique value proposition that will benefit all US events, charities and industry leaders as we work closely together to make the world a better place.

“With our 16 years of experience we can guarantee fundraisers and our partners the most innovative fundraising experience possible. Runners want to contribute and together we will make this easier for them.”

The new partnership comes as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series celebrates 20 years of running. Delivering events that combine people who love running with live music and huge cheering teams to create a block-party feel, JustGiving will now be on hand to help runners capitalize on this excitement.

Josh Furlow, Competitor Group’s President said “Charity has played an important role in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series since our inaugural race in 1998. This year the series is celebrating 20 years of running so partnering with the world’s number one platform for online giving was a natural fit to get all of our runners raising more money for charity.”

At the Running USA conference this week, the Just Giving team will be presenting a brand new ‘Match my Miles’ program. The online fundraising specialist adds that ‘on average, 14% of runners chose to make a donation to charity when they register for an event… We know that millions of participants who don’t raise money still want to make their event count. Match My Miles is our new, fun and social fundraising option that gives them a simple, light-touch way of fundraising – enabling runners to make every mile count.’

Over the coming months, CGI and JustGiving will be making further announcements about how the brands will work together and the ‘events that will reshape how people participate and fundraise in the United States’.



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