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La Tri Club selects Hirshberg Foundation as official charity for philanthropic outreach

LATC Mucho Gusto Ride and Club BBQ

For the first time in its 17-year history, LA Tri Club (LATC), one of the largest triathlon clubs in the US (and the world), has created a new initiative that supports local charities. LATC has exclusively named the Hirshberg Foundation, one of the United States’ most coveted and forward-thinking charitable and research institutions, to partner in philanthropic endeavours throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area for the next two years.

Beginning in April, the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research will kick-off its new partnership with LATC to help raise awareness about pancreatic cancer, just as the foundation marks its 20th anniversary.

Joining forces with LATC gives the thriving philanthropic organization an opportunity to expand its outreach to a demographic that ‘perfectly coincides with the foundation’s ongoing health and fitness fundraising events’ including, but not limited to its signature Halloween fundraiser, the L.A. Cancer Challenge 5K/10K (which is one of the largest walk/runs in Southern California) as well as the award-winning Tour de Pier stationary cycling fundraiser held at the iconic Manhattan Beach Pier.

For LATC, working with the Hirshberg Foundation allows the private sports club and its extensive network of 1,000+ triathlon and endurance sports members the opportunity to give back to the community.

“We are very excited to be working with the Hirshberg Foundation,” said Deb Carabet, Vice President and Managing Director for the LA Tri Club. “The club’s founder Larry Turkheimer and I have been infinitely impacted by pancreatic cancer. Working with the Hirshberg Foundation in all capacities including fundraising as well as through public and online promotion will assist in generating the public’s interest.” She added, “For nearly two decades, we have been searching for the best philanthropic organization to work with and now, we have found it.”

As part of the LATC’s Quadruple Crown Challenge, the partnership will grant its members to plunge in the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge, cycle the canyons and roads on LATC’s Much Gusto rides, run the Los Angeles Marathon as part of the Hirshberg Foundation’s Training Team and spin on stationary bikes at the award-winning Tour de Pier produced by the Hirshberg Foundation.

“Having the opportunity to partner with an outstanding sports and fitness organization such as the LA Tri Club gives us great confidence that we will reach more people in delivering the foundation’s message of not just hoping, but helping,” said Lisa Manheim, Executive Director for the Hirshberg Foundation. “By combining our resources, we will recruit a cross-section of athletes and potential donors to bring us one step closer to a cure.”

The LA Tri Club (LATC) was founded in August 2000 after Paul Hekimian presented Larry Turkheimer and Nick Gardner with his vision of an independent triathlon club to benefit the triathlon community in and around Los Angeles. The sports club provides a network of information, support services, training and racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities. The LATC goal is to build a strong community of triathletes linked together by a sense of camaraderie. Establishing a network of like-minded athletes, the exchange of ideas and information about training, gear, etc. quickly became one of the key features of the club. Over time, structured training sessions headed by professional coaches and group trainings led to both individual and team success.

As the sport became even more popular, LATC continued to expand its membership base, affiliations with coaching leaders in the community, and local and national race leaders. This allowed the club to provide greater support to members with resources, robust training events, and a stronger race presence.

LATC has sought to help members find balance between their busy lives and an occasional all-consuming training/racing schedule. With that in mind, the LATC’s operating revenue is solely based on membership dues and carefully selected sponsorship affiliations. Today, LATC continues to promote the enjoyment of the triathlon lifestyle to a wider community and supports members of all skill-levels and abilities. The LATC has sustained more than 10,000 athletes since its inception.




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