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Last chance for 2017 XTERRA America Tour points at XTERRA Iron Creek

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Quarq XTERRA Iron Creek on 26 August will be the final race of the 2016-2017 XTERRA America Tour. Just three weeks before the XTERRA Pan Am Championship, XTERRA Iron Creek will be the last chance for athletes to snatch up points and fine tune racing skills.

Held 13 miles west of Spearfish, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, XTERRA Iron Creek offers late summer temperatures that are still in the 80s Farenheit in the day but dip into the 60s at night. XTERRA adds that ‘The tourists headed home from Mount Rushmore and the Badlands are already back in school, making it easy to sightsee on your trip.’

At Iron Creek Lake, the single track is typically free of crowds. The 16 miles used in the race are technical enough for advanced racers but ridable for adventurous beginners.

“The venue is beautiful,” said Race Director, TJ Loftus. “The campground and lake make it a perfect race to bring your family for a weekend of racing, fishing and lazy rafting. And there is always enough BBQ pork and locally brewed beer for everyone to get their fill after the race.”

The full distance race will take off at 09:30 MT on Saturday 26 August. The 1000m swim, 16 mile bike and 5 mile run, have plenty of vertical gain for both running and riding. The ride climbs from Iron Creek Lake up to the Old Baldy Trail System in the Black Hills National Forest.

“After descending back to Iron Creek Lake, the race transitions to a challenging two-lap run around the lake,” said Loftus. “Spectators cheer on the racers as they tackle difficult hike sections on each lap of the run, making it a true community event.”

In addition to the traditional triathlon, XTERRA Iron Creek will also feature a Sprint Distance (500m swim, 10K bike and 4K run), a ‘Mudder’ with a shorter swim but longer bike and run sections (500m swim, 20K bike and 8K run), and a Duathlon (4K run, 20K bike, 8K run).

The Trail Run will take place on Friday 25 August at 16:45 and will feature a different course than the run course used in the triathlon. Here, athletes can do either a 5K or 8K run. The runs will start at the Transition Area and will follow, for the most part, the beginning of the triathlon bike course. Both races will follow the same route to the split point. At the split point, the 5K runner will return to the finish line while the 8K runners will continue to run an additional 1.5K course to return to the split point and the common route to the finish line.

Iron Creek Lake has campsites and cabins for rent. The organising team add that is is the ideal place to stay for the race… ‘But space is limited so reserve you spot quickly. The next best is to stay at one of the many hotels in Spearfish.’




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