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New season prints shipping for MP Michael Phelps Swim Training Suits

SNAKE RACING BACK - MP Swimsuit by Aqua Sphere

The MP brand – the collaboration between swimming legend Michael Phelps, swimming coach Bob Bowman and swimming brand Aqua Sphere – has unveiled three fresh prints to enhance its popular training swimwear range. The new collection is available for retailers to order now for January retail, with a small window of opportunity to order this new line through September.

Michael Phelps only uses MP training swimsuits, competition suits and goggles, and according to Aqua Sphere, ‘MP training swimwear effectively meets the durability demands of the most exacting competitive swimmer whilst offering head-turning saturated-colour designs all personally chosen by Phelps.’

The vivid urban-inspired Mosaic range for men and women – named City, Snake and Subway – is available in men’s 45cm leg Jammers, men’s 14cm Briefs, men’s 6cm Briefs, Women’s Racing back swimsuits and Women’s Open back swimsuits. All MP training suits are made in Aqua Sphere’s Aqua Infinity fabric which, as the name suggests, offers a high level of chlorine resistance, delivering swimwear which boasts ‘over 200 hours’ pool performance to more than meet the requirements of the most frequent pool swimmer’.

Aqua Sphere adds that the line is complemented with XCEED goggles which Michael Phelps says are “The best goggles that I have ever worn – they are super comfortable and the vision is insane.”




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