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Number of certified ITU Technical Officials continues to grow globally

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The International Triathlon Union (ITU) has announced that once again the number of triathlon Technical Officials has increased, with a rise of 9% in 2016. According to ITU, the continued uplift in the number of officials is a direct result of the many Technical Officials (TO) seminars and courses that ITU held throughout the year across the globe.

“The growth and development is imminently important to us as the international federation,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “That’s why we have in place a large number of sport development programs that are designed to facilitate growth at all levels, across both genders and to new areas of the world.”

In addition to the overall growth, the proportion of certified female Technical Officials rose slightly from 30% to 31%. Spain leads with the highest number of overall women TOs, followed by Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Colombia is ahead in terms of a gender balance percentage, with a distribution of 50% per gender as well as the highest participation for Level 1 Technical Officials.

Malaysia, Jordan and Trinidad and Tobago also shared in the lead in gender balance within the Level 1 officials by also having an equal 50/50 representation. Malaysia, Portugal, Argentina and Uzbekistan hold the top spot on the gender equity list for ITU Level 2 Technical Officials.

Spain, Japan and China share the first three positions in terms of national federations with the largest number of officials in all levels of certification.

Similar to the previous year’s results, Canada is the national federation with the largest number of ITU Level 3 officials, which is the highest level of certification possible. Spain and Hungary follow close behind.

In the coming months, Bermuda, Venezuela, Portugal and Canada will host Technical Officials Level 1 seminars, while Indonesia will continue with a Level 2 seminar. ITU’s Development calendar gives a full list of seminars and courses.



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