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Nuun recognized in OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2017 ranking

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A release from Nuun notes that the nutrition and hydration specialist has been selected as one of OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work 2017. Making the list for the first time Nuun ranks in the top 50 at #46 out of 100 companies recognized. Not only are winning companies seen as great workplaces for employees, but they ‘respect the environment and encourage a balance between work and enjoying life in the great outdoors’.

Nuun adds that its sports drinks have an optimal blend of electrolytes, only one gram of sugar, and clean ingredients. ‘It comes in a tablet form that is added to water to prevent shipping millions of gallons of water and filling landfills with single use disposable bottles.’

“Nuun is honoured to be recognized by OUTSIDE as one of the best places to work,” said Kevin Rutherford Nuun President and CEO. “This recognition is a direct reflection of the incredible team of positive change agents at Nuun. We believe that culture is the heart and soul of any team and that every single teammate is responsible to consistently enhance it. Our energy-giving culture is the mojo that makes being part of this tribe a very special place to work and play.”

“Companies from across the country entered a rigorous two-part survey process to make the winning list,” said Jonah Ogles, Articles Editor at OUTSIDE Magazine. “The Best Companies Group evaluates each nominated company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems and demographics. There’s also an employee survey to measure personal experience.”

The winning companies are those that ‘value productivity in combination with an active, eco-conscious lifestyle, for a fulfilling experience inside and outside of the office’. This is OUTSIDE’S tenth year providing the Best Places to Work.




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