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On the juice with new STEALTH Juice Bar


The team at STEALTH Secret Training has created an ‘easy-to-eat energy bar, offering the prolonged energy release, refreshing fruit taste and satisfying texture of a bar combined with the convenience and ease of a gel.’ Along with the endorsement of pro cycling teams around the world, STEALTH has spent the last two years developing this product, with ‘prototypes used at National Tours, right through to the long climbs of Mount Teide and beyond.’

Available in two flavours; apple & blackcurrant and orange & pineapple, the bars are produced using real fruit juice, and are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Tim Lawson, Founder of Secret Training, said, “The idea behind the STEALTH Juice Bar is simple in concept but tricky to deliver. We wanted to produce a bar that has texture but at the same time is easy to eat, that has a refreshing taste but also the sustained energy and other nutritional benefits that you expect from a bar.”

He continued, “Over the years we have created many products which have become staples with consumers but I don’t think I’ve ever had such exciting feedback from beta testers, and look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of it!”

A representative from Team JLT Condor said, “I personally never do a decent training ride or race with a normal bar, I can never manage to chew through them and breathe at the same time, so for me this ‘Juice Bar’ would open up an alternative to just using gels and drinks. I tried the bar during some moderate intensity road efforts and it’s definitely easy to swallow whilst on the move.”

The STEALTH Juice Bar is now available to purchase via secret-training.com, as well as through a selected number of retailers.




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