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Orbea releases its latest offering, Orca Aero


Spanish bike firm Orbea has released its latest offering, the Orca Aero… ‘a bike that doesn’t just cheat the wind but openly defies it – an ode to efficiency and stiffness that relishes the assault of a 1700 watt finish.’ According to the company, Orca Aero is the perfect accomplice for riders who aspire to become more familiar with the podium.

The UCI has relaxed rules that restrict deeper profiles. With this in mind, the new Freeflow fork of Orca Aero takes advantage of the latest regulations.

On the bike frame, an abbreviated tail allows for a shallower tube and smooths airflow into bottle cages… ‘Double radius improves airflow at higher yaw angles. Flattened sides reduces frontal area of the tube and offers better drag numbers at lower speeds.’

Orca Aero has an oval seatpost designed to quiet airflow turbulence between the rider’s pedalling legs. There are two clamps with different setback lengths, offering a range of adjustment; and the seatpost is internal battery compatible.

Orbea adds that the front of Orca Aero is constantly meeting the wind, so special attention is paid to the bar/stem/headset area. Internal cable routing is carefully routed along the best path with no rub or rattle and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems. Orca Aero is compatible with electronic or mechanical shifting systems.

Orca Aero is also loaded with versatility – as multiple bottle mounts and triple bosses on the down tube mean several options for configuring water bottles whether riders want maximum capacity or ultimate aerodynamics.

Orbea is part of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and is Spain’s largest bicycle operator. Orbea bike frames are manufactured in Asia and finished in Spain – with the brand shipped worldwide.

In 2011, Orbea further cemented its relationship with Orca – the wetsuit and apparel tri brand. Heralding from New Zealand, Orca is part of the Orbea family – with Orbea and Orca reaching an agreement in 2011 for Spanish Orbea to acquire Orca’s ‘operation rights in the triathlon and compression area.’ This deal gave Orbea global rights to the Orca brand, following ‘four years of fruitful relations’ between the two companies.




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