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‘PhytoRebellion’: from farm to bottle, Sur PhytoPerformance launches AltRed

Sur PhytoPerformance launches AltRed

Sur PhytoPerformance has launched its first product, AltRed, billed as ‘a groundbreaking phytonutrient supplement that uses a newly discovered technology to unleash the unique athletic performance and recovery benefits of betalain phytonutrients.’

The betalains in AltRed come from the pigment found in beets, which Sur isolates from the plant matrix in a patented. While all beets contain betalains, the discoveries made by the Sur team, through clinical study with researchers from University of California Davis, do not involve eating beets, beet juice or beet powders. This is because the betalains in AltRed are ‘unleashed’.

As the company explains, ‘They are chemically unbound, freed from nitrates and sugars that otherwise bind beet betalains.’ The result is ‘something clean, completely new, completely different, and clinically proven to improve sports performance’.

The nationally recognized Sports Performance Laboratory at the University of California Davis has performed two double-blind crossover studies on runners and triathletes, testing the efficacy of the betalains in AltRed. In both studies, performance and recovery reportedly showed improvement that was statistically significant, ‘measured by faster performance times, as well as lower heart rate, lower perceived effort and reduced markers of muscle damage’.

In order to maximize the effects of AltRed, Sur recommends that AltRed be taken daily. Because its benefits are experienced when it is active in the body during exercise, AltRed should be taken 2 hours prior to exercise or other performance event, and every 2 hours during activities exceeding 2 hours. This regimen was studied through the trials at UC Davis.

Phytonutrients, such as betalains, are natural chemicals found in plants that can protect plants from damaging environments. After studying their effect on athletic performance, the team at Sur has discovered that stabilized and concentrated betalains can ‘also have a profound effect on athletes, improving their athletic performance and recovery in clinical studies performed by nationally recognized university researchers.’

The Van Drunen family, owners of Sur PhytoPerformance and developers of AltRed, have been farming for seven generations. The family has over 1,500 acres of farmland in the Midwest, and grows a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Jeff Van Drunen, founder of Sur PhytoPerformance, began working on the family farm in the early 1980s. From the beginning, he sought to understand how phytonutrients could support his own athletic passions, hiking and cycling. Jeff believed that a’ clean, plant-based product, from a farm like his own, could be the answer’. AltRed, Sur’s first product, is the culmination of this work.

“After using the product myself for years, and sharing it with my cycling friends, I couldn’t be more excited to bring this discovery to everyone who pushes their limits through training and racing,” Jeff said. “The physiological benefits from plant-based supplements are enormous, and mostly untapped. This is why the team and I started Sur. We have a vision for what we call ‘The PhytoRebellion’ and we invite you to be a PhytoRebel!”

AltRed has also received third party certifications from both Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport and NSF, ‘guaranteeing that athletes can take AltRed with confidence that it is free of banned substances and cross contamination’.

AltRed is now available for purchase at Sur.co and is sold in 30 capsule bottles for US$50.00. The AltRed and Sur team will be at endurance events throughout the summer and autumn/fall with its Airstream trailer, introducing the athletic community to AltRed.




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