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Polar confirms Nike+ Run Club integration for connected products

Polar M430

HRM and wearables specialist Polar has introduced Nike+ Run Club integration with Polar Flow. Nike+ automatic syncing capabilities are now available for a variety of Polar connected products including the company’s newest GPS running watch, Polar M430, as well as the Polar M600 sports optimized smartwatch.

By linking their accounts in Polar Flow, Polar users can utilize this latest update by syncing their device within Polar Flow to have their information automatically transfer to Nike+. The integration with Nike+ is the latest in a growing list of partnerships for Polar.

The company adds that its continued focus on partner integrations gives users the best possible experience, allowing them to track and gather activity data on their Polar device, utilize Polar Flow to analyze and interpret the data as it relates to personal performance, and connect to preferred platforms like Nike+, Strava, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit.

To get started, users can log into their Polar Flowapp or web account, go to settings, locate the new Nike+ link and choose to connect their Flow account with Nike+. The Polar Flow app and web service provide an in-depth analysis of daily, weekly and monthly activity. The Polar Flow web service also aims to offer a window into an individual’s fitness and training diary, which helps athletes follow their progress in a modern, visual style.

Users can also enjoy the benefits of Nike+ Run Club, a social community to help motivate users to stick to goals and have fun while reaching them. Here, runners can compare and compete with friends and fellow runners on leaderboards, customize post-run sharing by adding photos and stickers and receive motivation from Nike athletes like Kevin Hart, Mo Farrah and Allyson Felix.

Polar Flow and Nike+ compatibility is available now with the Polar’s line of connected products including the Polar M200, Polar M430, Polar M600, Polar M400 and Polar V800.




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