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Polar V800 and GoPro remote control functionality now available

Polar V800 GPS multisport watch

Having confirmed connectivity with GoPro for selected devices earlier this year, Polar, has now announced the availability of GoPro connectivity for the Polar V800 GPS sports watch. Polar athletes can now capture photos, start and stop video recording, and tag HiLights in video mode, all via their Polar V800.

With the latest Polar V800 update, Polar adds that users can relive their adventures or training sessions and see their contextual heart rate data overlaid on GoPro videos. Athletes can use the Polar V800 to operate basic commands on their GoPro HERO4 camera, making it easier to operate the camera during an adventure, capture pictures, start and stop video recording, tag HiLights in video mode and view the remaining battery life on the camera.

Polar notes that its collaborative relationship with GoPro continues to enable athletes to capture GoPro video overlaid with Polar’s heart rate and training data to see exactly how their body reacted to every incline, wave, finish line or other moment in their sports adventures.

Polar V800 and GoPro remote camera control functionality is available now. Polar V800 is available at www.polar.com/V800 for US$499.95 and is compatible with GoPro HERO4 Black and GoPro HERO4 Silver.




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