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PowerHouse Bike app with Hunter Allen training plans, now available

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Velocomp has announced the availability of its Powerhouse Bike app, a power coaching app with plans designed by world renowned cycling coach, Hunter Allen. PowerHouse Bike works exclusively with the ‘simple, affordable and portable  cycling power meter and analysis tool.’

After an initial FTP fitness test to establish a baseline, the app’s algorithms adapts ‘training plans to athlete exhaustion, making sure Hunter’s expertise delivers maximum results’.

According to Velocomp the goal is to make power mainstream. PowerHouse and PowerPod as a pair, are designed to be simple and affordable… ‘to eliminate the financial and knowledge barriers that has prevented power being a widespread training tool. It is our hope that PowerHouse will put the accuracy and impact of power based training into the hands of the mass market. Whereas power keeps getting more affordable, we have yet to see a full solution like this at this price point and believe this new combo has a lot going for it.’

According to Hunter Allen, “PowerHouse Bike does have training plans for cyclists as fanatic as I myself am, but it goes beyond just the niche cycling market in its vision. It also offers plans for weight loss goals, beach-body goals, and a plan to entice spin class attendees outside. Notably for the IBD, it includes a plan to ensure entry level bike customers have a fighting chance of becoming accomplished cyclists. On my own use of the product, this global goal doesn’t, by the way, take away from the fact that I myself now use Powerhouse instead of my Garmin for my own training. I’m no Cat level racer any more, but I have been riding with power for many years. The iPhone 5 has a purpose again!”

PowerHouse Bike has six plans, created by specialist power-training coach Hunter Allen. These aim to help riders of all abilities achieve their fitness, weight loss and competitive cycling goals. Performance cyclists choose from ‘CycleMax’ and ‘Weekend Warrior’; fitness enthusiasts, ‘iSlim’, ‘Express Fitness’ and ‘Brazilian Butt’; and cycling novices, ‘0 to 20’ (miles).

Velcomp adds that Powerhouse is also designed for IBD customer retention… ‘The cycling industry has historically, often sold half-solutions to entry-level customers looking to get fit. Selling a bike without delivering quality guidance on how to get fit, or a means to gain riding skill, is a sale with an uncertain level of potential success. With PowerHouse Bike app, IBDs can expand beyond selling bikes that might gather dust, into selling the primary need the customer expressed by buying a bike in the first place: the desire to achieve a fitness boost and a lifestyle change. In doing so they stand the chance of boosting customer retention by selling the lifestyle goal customers are seeking in the first place.’

PowerPod BLE is positioned as the market’s simplest, most affordable and most portable power measurement device. PowerPod BLE, required for PowerHouse Bike app to work, is available from local bike shops worldwide and from velocomp.com. PowerPod BLE retails for: US$325.00 (excl. tax); £315.00 (incl VAT); €380.00 (incl. VAT). Velocomp is a sports technology company based in Jupiter, Florida. Its focus is on delivering power measurement at an affordable price, and ‘exclusive analysis of riding technique, efficiency and energy loss’. Velocomp’s PowerPod power meter builds on 12 years of continuous improvement of patented technologies.


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