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Powering up: Verve’s InfoCrank in extended agreement with British Cycling

Verve Cycling InfoCrank is official British Cycling partner

Verve Cycling, the design and manufacturing operation behind the InfoCrank power meter, has deepened its involvement with British Cycling. The agreement to supply power cranks now extends across both the disciplines of track cycling and road cycling until beyond the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

A release from Verve added that ‘The InfoCrank will integrate seamlessly into the British Cycling set-up so that coaches and athletes gain the maximum benefit from all training and competition activity and ultimately from the partnership with Verve.’

Dave Parsons, Technical Resource & Commercial Manager at British Cycling, said “The decision to use InfoCrank was a straightforward one. Verve have shown the same commitment to excellence as we do at the GB Cycling Team, and have worked tirelessly to ensure our riders have access to the most accurate and reliable data all wrapped up in a well-designed robust and light crankset.”

He continued, “Verve have also impressed us by how closely they were prepared to collaborate with our own in-house R&I Team to deliver a product of the highest quality and are clearly committed to ensuring their product remains at the frontier of the industry. We look forward to using the Infocrank across more of the programme to help our athletes achieve their performance goals.”

Bryan Taylor, President of Verve Cycling, said “Taking a product from the laboratory to the road is a fantastic experience made even greater when British Cycling choose to use our products to support their athletes. It’s amazing to see the team push the InfoCrank to its limits to find it does precisely what it was designed to do on the track, and on the road through rain, snow and mud.

“The fact that British Cycling has given us the opportunity to work with world leading coaches and sports scientists within the world’s strongest track-cycling nation, is a dream come true for the engineering innovators at Verve.”

A release from Verve Cycling noted that it will develop new technologies in power measurement, working closely with elite riders in the British Cycling road and track teams. The clear intention is to cascade this new technology across all power meters its supplies both to the Great Britain Cycling Team and any other cyclist who wants to improve their riding and achieve new goals. ‘This means that as an amateur cyclist you can ride with the same accuracy of data and analytics as any of the elite athletes on the Great Britain Cycling Team.’




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