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Precision Hydration works up a sweat with ÖTILLÖ Swimrun

OTILLO 2014 run - photo credit Jakob Edholm

As part of a newly confirmed sponsorship deal, specialist hydration and nutrition firm Precision Hydration will provide end-to-end personalised hydration solution to athletes racing ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series events in 2017. Athletes racing in ÖTILLÖ’s 2017 Swimrun World Series will have help staying hydrated from Precision Hydration (PH), which has been named as the Official Hydration Supplier of the burgeoning international series.

PH will be providing personalised hydration advice to participants in advance of the events, as well as offering its new, ÖTILLÖ Swimrun-branded online Sweat Test to enable participants to personalise their hydration strategy in the run up to their race. Athletes will then be able to pick up the brand’s all-natural electrolyte drinks at Energy Stations out on the course.

Precision Hydration’s Founder, Andy Blow – a former elite triathlete who has previously finished in the top 10 at both the ÖTILLÖ World Championships in 2014 and in last year’s ÖTILLÖ Isles of Scilly race – explained that “The idea is to allow athletes to use the hydration products they’ve been using in training rather than risking their race by just ‘drinking whatever’s on offer on the day’.”

He continued, “They’ll be able to opt for the right strength drink at the Energy Stations, one that matches the Personalised Hydration Plan they’ve received by telling us a bit about how they train, compete and sweat.”

ÖTILLÖ Race Director Michael Lemmel said “Swimrun is about experiencing nature in the purest possible way and ÖTILLÖ puts on sustainable events of the highest quality, so we’re delighted to have Precision Hydration providing our athletes with their all-natural electrolyte drinks, which really are a superior product.”

ÖTILLÖ co-founder Mats Skott added “We’re excited to offer our athletes expert hydration advice before they’ve even arrived at our events through PH’s awesome ÖTILLÖ Sweat Test; the personalised ap-proach is really cool and we think it’ll help our teams achieve better performances than ever this year.”

The first race of the 2017 Swimrun World Series – in Hvar, Croatia – is just weeks away, taking place on 2 Apri. “We’re really looking forward to supporting such a fantastic series of events,” said PH Marketing Director Dave Colley. “ÖTILLÖ and Precision Hydration have a similar ethos when it comes to sustainability and using all-natural ingredients to maintain athletes’ performances when they’re out doing what they love.”



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