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‘Precover, Recover, Perform’ with CEP and the Drummond Clinic

Running biomechanics workshop - Drummond Clinic

Based in Berkshire, England, the specialist physiotherapy team at the Drummond Clinic has teamed up with leading compression firm CEP UK & Ireland at 18:30 GMT on Tuesday 25 April 2017, to offer a free seminar; ‘Precover, Recover, Perform’.

The seminar is aimed at those seeking to improve race results, or those who wear compression sportswear, but are unsure of the real benefits that they can offer. Places will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and will look at how athletes can maximize recovery with the use of compression, along with appropriate strength and conditioning techniques.

Athletes will learn how compression can help support a training regime, when to use it for the best results, and how exactly it works. The aim of the seminar is very much to enable athletes to learn some valuable recovery techniques, to help underpin their training to ensure they get the very most out of themselves on race day.

Darrel May, of CEP UK & Ireland said, “Recovering well and looking after your body between training sessions is an essential prerequisite to performing well. Good recovery, and indeed ‘precovery’ is fundamental, and we are looking forward to working with the Drummond Clinic expert team to demonstrate how compression can be a valuable part of this ‘process’”.




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