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Raising the bar: ProBar mobilizes SMACK! Media for PR

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ProBar has selected SMACK! Media to help plan and implement a strategic public relations initiative, for the launch of the ProBar ‘mobility bar and education platform’.

Developed out of a ‘necessity to help people move better’, ProBar aims to correct poor movement patterns and creates a wider, more precise range of motion for enhanced, injury-free performance. Whether it’s for playing golf, nailing a squat PR or simply moving better in everyday life, ProBar is designed to increase mobility, joint stability and strength, which may help athletes perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

ProBar was developed to help active audiences reverse their compromised ability to move freely caused by injuries and the modern lifestyle. ProBar is one bar that configures into three training modalities including a long bar, short bar and dual bars, offering the user a variety of potential exercises that can address a wide range of issues.

The patented twist-and-pull feature with spring-loaded resistance engages muscles to correct poor movement patterns and dysfunction, which can often lead to pain and injury. Additional weights are included in the system so that users may adjust resistance with subsequent progression. Coupled with this, the step-by-step Continuing Education Courses and online videos educate trainers and professionals on specific movement patterns that can help athletes maximize their performance in every sports discipline.

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“The modern lifestyle of sitting for hours at desks leads to tightness, imbalances and eventually, injuries,” said Bo Dubbert, CEO of ProBar. “Everyday, we are hurting our own natural ability to move. I’m a golfer and have had my own challenges, but when I first tried ProBar, I couldn’t believe I was about to twist and lift in a way I hadn’t in years. I knew I wanted to be involved with this product and put one into everyone’s hands.

“Athletes in all disciplines work on strength, speed and endurance, but now with the ProBar, they can focus on their mobility to really maximize their performance and reach their full athletic potential.”

“We are excited to partner with SMACK! Media,” said Brian Bettendorf, Managing Partner of Drake Global Strategy. “Now that the Drake team has brought the product to market, we recommended the SMACK! Media team partner with us and ProBar since they understand the importance of mobility, and have relationships in the sports, health and fitness markets that align perfectly with ProBar and complement our ongoing sales efforts.”




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